Musician Ali Noor Hospitalised with Liver Damage

Pakistan is blessed with some of the best musicians that have been making a good name for themselves. One such musician in this list is Ali Noor, the lead vocalist of the rock band Noori. Right now the singer is in deep trouble as he is critically ill and may require liver transplant very soon. The news of Ali being ill has been circulating on social media platforms where it was reported that Ali Noor needs a liver transplant in the next 48 hours and it is a matter of life and death right now. Ali’s cousin Rakae Jamil and Uncle Azam Jamil shared the news on social media.

It is reported that Ali Noor was diagnosed with hepatitis A that deteriorated into acute liver damage. This can lead to liver failure as well which can be life-threatening for the music star. Doctors, on the other hand, are hopeful that Ali Noor will be able to make a recovery but the family has asked for prayers for the star singer. It was also reported that Ali Noor is in need of blood and liver donations in order to go through the process of liver transplant in Islamabad, where the surgery is expected to take place.

However Ali Noor’s Brother Ali Hamza refuted all such rumors saying that there is no requirement of blood and liver. He said that if there is any need then it will be of a liver donor and that would be a family member only as local laws don’t allow a donor from anyone outside the family. He asked the fans to keep praying for Ali Noor so that they don’t have to go to the liver transplant route and everything gets settled without the surgery process. Ali Noor’s colleagues also came forward to pray for the singer’s health.

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