Hamza Ali Abbasi got Insulted on Pakistan Star

Pakistan is not short of any sort of talent and we have seen it in the past as well with different people making a name in different professions. A lot of television channels are now also conducting talent hunt shows in order to find out new faces who can light up the music, acting, and other industries. One such game show that is been held on BOL TV is Pakistan Star which is being judged by prominent actors Javed Shaikh, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Kubra Khan. However, the show has come under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons when a contestant insulted Hamza Ali Abbasi.

The situation took place when a contestant singing a song was rejected by the judged. Things turned ugly when the contestant turned back to question the judgment of the judges saying that they are not singers who can judge him. The contestant said that he will accept the decision if he was being rejected by a singer, not by actors who don’t know anything about singing. The contestant questioned the judges and said that they are not capable of judging singers as they themselves have no experience of singing in the past.

The contestant at the show also asked Hamza Ali Abbasi to sing if he thinks he can judge any singer. Hamza Ali Abbasi during the whole time tried to justify the contestant where he went wrong but to no avail. The contestant was then forced on his way out by the security when things got difficult. This is not the first time that Pakistan Star show has seen a controversy related to Hamza Ali Abbasi. The actor recently schooled a girl for dancing on an item number to show her talent. He said that there is no need to dance on item songs and people need to get rid of this filth.

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