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Pakistan to Send its First Astronaut in Space with the Help of China

The world is changing quickly with lots of innovation coming up in technology. Space missions are now a common thing for countries like USA, Russia, and France but Pakistan was lagging behind it as well. But now with the help of China Pakistan will be able to send their astronaut in the space for the first time. The big boost comes as a result of China opening its doors in order to help other countries like Pakistan to improve and explore more about space programs. The plan of sending an astronaut in space was first approved by the Imran Khan government in October 2018.

An initial agreement between a Chinese company and SUPARCO had already been signed last year. The candidates will be selected on the basis of the agreement between the two countries with the selected candidates going to China for training as well. Pakistan has been relying on the Chinese for their space missions as well. Last year Pakistan launched its two satellites into the orbit only with the help of Chinese launch vehicles. The agreement between China and Pakistan is done in order to corporate for space exploration and science between the two countries.

While China’s help towards Pakistan is undeniable, but Beijing is lending a helping hand to other countries as well in this regard. The International Space Station will retire in the year 2024 and at that time China will be the only country that will have a manned space station. Beijing has already said that the doors of its lab will remain open for all the countries that want to conduct space experiments. China has pledged that it will provide full support to any country that wants to conduct any sort of experiments which means that all the UN members will be able to use the Chinese lab.


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