UAE Waives Visa Fee for Under-18 Dependents for Two Months

UAE is a hub for tourists and millions of people visit it every year. UAE has been working to relax its visa policies in order to attract more and more visitors as they continue to invest heavily in infrastructure development and entertainment activities. Now as part of those policies, the UAE government has announced that they are making another change to their visa rules. This time around they have changed the visa fees for dependents under the age of 18. UAE will not charge any visa fees from dependents who are aged under 18. However, this visa fee abolishment is for the summer season only.

The UAE government announced that tourists who are planning to visit the country will be exempted to pay visa fees for dependents. The two-month visa fees exemption comes at a time when tourists plan to visit the UAE during the summer holidays. The visa fee exemption is valid from 15th July 2019 to 15th September 2019. The UAE government officials said that they move is directed towards improving the tourism culture in the country and to promote more and more people to come to the UAE and make it a family destination for tourism.

Dubai is the hub for tourism during the summer season specifically due to the summer sales that are on offer. These sales attract millions of people from around the world along with different indoor activities that are on offer during the summers. The number of tourists visiting the UAE has been increasing radically as the UAE government continues to improve its offerings. In the first quarter alone, 32.8 million people visited the country. And these numbers are expected to go up with the government exempting visa fee for dependents and the summer sale season just around the corner.


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