Muzaffarabad Airport Will Soon Open for Commercial Flights

Pakistan has got only a few airports that are of international standards or from where there is the traffic of international flights as well. The Pakistani government is looking to make turn airports from domestic travel only to international travel as well and the Muzaffarabad airport is one of those airports that will be restored and revamped for this purpose. This will also connect Azad Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of the world as there is no airport in that region that can connect with the international countries. The decision was taken by the AJK government and CEO of PIA in a high-level meeting regarding the issue.

During the meeting, it was decided that the Muzaffarabad airport will be restored and it will be renovated so that commercial flights can start operating from there. The airport will not only serve people for international travel but it will also facilitate people who are traveling on domestic routes as well. The first route on which the working will start is the route from Muzaffarabad to Islamabad, a route which can connect the two cities within a few minutes. In the meeting, it was decided that the flight services from Muzaffarabad to Islamabad will start within a week.

The feasibility of the whole project will also be done in order to find out more options as the government looks to increase tourism in the region. The airport will serve the international travelers who can then directly travel to and from Muzaffarabad and save a lot of time of road travel that takes place once you land in Lahore or Islamabad. The government is already working hard to promote tourism in the areas of AJK with Imran Khan already devising a strategy in order to find out ways to promote tourism.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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