Momina Mustehsan Trolled For Her Performance At The LSA

Humaima Malik a versatile film actress, model and dancer left dishearten from this Lux Style award 2019. The reason was none other than Momina Mustehsan. Momina Mustehsan is the singer and performer with a strong fan following. The issue arises when Humaima lashes out at Momina Mustehsan. The reason was her performance. According to Humaima Malik, this performance was not planned and was not part of the show earlier. According to her two singers, one male and one female were dropped out for her performance. Moreover, she regards that this was not due to her capability or on merit. Rather this was due to safarash. She calls this perchi system. Humaima Malik labeled Momina as chabi wali guriya. Like she didn`t has the creativity of her own. She even said that Qandeel Balouch would perform much better than her. At last, she states that everyone should be humble.

People show a mix reaction to her word. However many people were in her favor. People even don`t like her performance much. Some didn`t like her performance as well as her getup. Some people think that such performance will resemble Indian. On the other hand, there are people who were not in favor of or against. They think that such remarks are inappropriate. One should not be so harsh about others. People even thinks that the male singer was her

Well, here it is important to mention that it is not the first time Humaima is talking against Momina. Back in 2017, she supported Qandeel Balouch. Humaima was then against Momina who on one side apperitiates Amhara Khan but had a different opinion about Qandeel. Though Momina later clarifies that she has taken wrong. Well, let’s see how Momina come up and support herself this time. Yet she showed nothing and didn`t react in either way towards Humaima`s remarks.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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