PIA to Start Flights to USA Again

Pakistanis wanted PIA to start direct flights from Pakistan to USA. The flight operation was closed in October 2017. Since then PIA was struggling to fulfill the demands of passengers. After some time they make it possible. Soon PIA will start its flights.
For this purpose, PIA has invited Transport Security Administration TSA`s team from USA to check and clear security at Islamabad Airport. After their examination and clearance, the operation will start. They are planned to come on 17th and 18th of July.

This operation will be put Pakistani passengers at ease. They will now have a direct flight of 16 hours. Tiring wait in connecting flight vanishes. There will be no hassle of changing terminals. Now a day’s customers have to use other airlines. Those flights have their own stops at their stations. This change over takes more than usual time, sometimes even 24 or more surf in reaching US.

TSA never cleared any Pakistani Airport in yesteryears. This is why PIA has to use other means for reaching US. They have clearance point in Manchester and Barcelona. This stop makes travel time more than usual and is tiring time. These direct flight will reduce time and cost. The flights were suspended a year and half an ago.

With the New Islamabad International Airport and beefed up security apparatus at Islamabad (shifting resources from other parts of the country), PIA will be working with TSA to get clearance for New Islamabad Airport to start direct operations to the US.

New Islamabad Airport has high-end services and is more secure than usual airports in Pakistan. With this improved security condition, Pakistan is working with TSA.PIA is working with TSA to get security clearance from TSA to start direct flights to USA.
PIA is starting direct flights to US under the great demand from Origin citizens, Families with children and elderly members. PIA now shows the ray of hope to them.

According to a reliable source, PIA eagerly wants to start this service as soon as possible. For this purpose, they are in touch with Embassy in Islamabad as well as with US Consul General of Karachi to cooperate with TSA team and make it possible.
US department is also supportive in this matter. They are also working on speedy inspection and restarting direct flight operation between US and Pakistan. This entire situation is an indication of improving bilateral ties as well as trust level between two.

Alison Johnson
Alison Johnson

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