Popular Pakistani Wedding Traditions and Customs

By Noor Mani — Published on 13/02/2019

The wedding is supposed to be the biggest family event in Pakistan Society and culture. It is the event, where different cultures and traditions are mixed. There are various wedding traditions and customs in Pakistan which are below:


Engagement Ceremony

In the local language, it is called mangni and it is just a promise between the family of bride and groom before marriage that this relation will go further and these two will marry each other. Families exchange gifts from each other at this event.

Mayun Ceremony

Mayun Ceremony is only for the bride who wears a yellow dress and applied ubtan on her. This ceremony is practiced somedays before the wedding.


This ceremony is named as henna, in which the mehndi is applied on the hands of the groom and bride. The event held one day before the main wedding day and people loves this function. Friends and family members from both sides dances on the songs to enjoy this day.


Barat ceremony

On this event, family, relatives, and friends of the groom gather at the bride’s home for the official ceremony. The groom wears sherwani and comes with a wedding band and dhols etc.

Nikah Ceremony

As Pakistan is an Islamic state, so according to Islamic Shariah, you have to sign a contract which is an integral part of an Islamic marriage religiously. Both the groom and bride signed on the nikah documents in the presence of all family member.

Doodh Pilai ceremony

On Barat event, the bride’s sister and cousin bring milk for the groom and in return they demand money.


After the nikah ceremony, the bride left her home with the groom’s family. To protect and bless the couple, the Holy Book Quran is held over the bride’s head.

Walima Ceremony

Walima reception is performed on the next day after nikah and it is organized by the groom and his family.

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