YtPak.com is gone – 8 Alternatives to YtPak App Apk


YTPak was Pakistani YouTube version for enjoying the videos just like YouTube. Every day it came with hundreds of new videos in addition to search video system. The best thing about YT Pak was that just like Playit, it enabled the users to download the videos of YouTube from YT Pak. If you wanted to download any YouTube video without any proxy software and website then simply insert the URL of that YouTube video in the search bar of Playit and get your desired video.


Bad news is its no longer active but we have some working alternatives for you:

1 Clipmega.com

Clipmega is a recently launched video sharing website that is based on the database of YouTube. Clipmega is the world of entertainment, movies, music, dramas, sports, news, technology and much more. The features are not limited to streaming and downloading movies only. Here the users can also create their own channels or pages just like Dailymotion and YouTube. Clipmega can be said as the Pakistani version of YouTube.

2 PlayitHub

PlayitHub is the next one platform that successfully replace the YouTube. The best thing about PlayitHub is that here the users can download all those videos that are available at the platform of YouTube. If you want to download any YouTube video without any proxy software and website then simply insert the URL of that YouTube video in the search bar of Playit and get your desired video. In that’s way, fans of YouTube can indirectly keep themselves in touch with YouTube.


3 Dailymotion

After the ban on YouTube, Dailymotion has successfully filled the gap in Pakistan. Dailymotion is a best video sharing and hosting website that allows the users to watch, share and download videos of all type for free. Moreover, Dailymotion enables the users to upload their videos or songs and well and share them with the other users. Users can create their own channel just like YouTube.

4 Veoh

Veoh is a video sharing and hosting platform for getting the top rated movies and entertainment content. Check out what you can do on Veoh: watch movies online for free, TV dramas and episodes, anime videos, anime movies, full movie, streaming of movies, and many other stuff for free. Veoh has also its on apps that are web player, web player toolbar, video uploader and Veoh for TV.

5 Vimeo

Vimeo can be said as an alternative to YouTube. The negative about Vimeo is that its video directory is not as greater as YouTube. But the positive about Vimeo is that every video and clip that is on Vimeo is of HD quality and high class print. Vimeo is for those who waits for the arrival of HD best print of their movie or song. Vimeo enables the users to watch videos without any ad system and share with others as well. Vimeo can be simply said as the platform of HD and HQ videos and music.

6 Tune.pk

Tune.pk is another alternatives to YouTube for Pakistanis where they can search for recent videos, featured videos, most popular videos, and most discussed videos. They can also search for the movies they like. Moreover, Tune.pk enables the users to upload photos and videos and get them shared with others. Tune.pk is a pure Pakistani video sharing web site that has its own video database. Tune.pk deals in videos of music, TV & showbiz, education, sports, news & politics, cooking, technology, comedy, entertainment and many more.

7 Videoroxy.com 8 Playtunez.com

And as the latest report of Google revealed that Ytpak was the most searched term/keyword in Pakistan for year 2015, this even gave us an idea of what the 30 Million Internet users in Pakistan are owing their internet connections for.
Alexa Rank of Ytpak.com on its peak was 49 in Pakistan.


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