Badar Khalil Still Hurt About What Happened At Hum Awards

There are only a handful of actors and actresses left of the early years and they deserve all the respect in the world. But unfortunately, that was not the case with legendary actress Badar Khalil who gave her life for the Pakistan TV industry. Badar Khalil was left embarrassed when at the HUM TV awards when she was asked to leave her seat so that other actors can take her seat. And all this was done just after the actress was given the Life Time Achievement award for her services.

Talking about the incident, Badar Khalil said that she was given the Life Time Achievement award. But when she came back to the seat, Sultana Siddiqui, director HUM Network, asked her to go and sit back so that the other actors can sit in the front row. This was the time when Badar Khalil kissed the award, left it over there and went home. According to Badar Khalil, she did that because for her it is always about respect and that she just wants to get respect rather than getting lifetime achievement awards.

What happened with Badar Khalil at the awards ceremony was something disrespectful keeping in mind that she served the industry for so long. Talking about the incident she said that she was deeply hurt by what happened and it made her sad as well. The actress said that she worked all her life for respect and not for money or fame. That has what made her what she is today. The former actress also criticized the upcoming stars saying that they are not serious towards projects as they come unprepared at shoots without even reading the scripts.

Badar Khalil on the show of Samina Peerzada also said that there is no appreciation for senior actors in this country. She says that senior actors start to retire because they don’t get the value and respect that they deserve. She said that new blood should be promoted but that doesn’t mean that the senior actors are started to be neglected. Badar Khalil has now shifted to Canada and she is now devoting her life to reading books and gaining knowledge.

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