Hina Altaf’s Controversial Statements About Celebrities

Hina Altaf has been in the news lately as she made some controversial statements about the famous celebrities of Lollywood. Hina was the main character in HUM TV serial UDARI and she got famous after that. Celebrities were in shock after listening to the statements of Hina and they all are reluctant to work with her now as they don’t know what consequences it will bring.

Her first target was Muneeb Butt, who was a main character in a famous drama serial YARIYAAN. In an interview, an anchor asked her who do you think has less talent for this industry and without even thinking a moment she answered Muneeb Butt. This created a major controversy between Aiman Khan, who is Muneeb’s wife.

Later on Hina dragged Minal Khan in her box of controversial statements by saying that we have the same number of followers so I think we are the same, this was the reply to Minal Khan when she said that Hina Altaf needs to go to the acting school.

Hina didn’t stop after this and then she attacked Faisal Rehman, as she said that he get overly involved in the romantic scenes and gets really very touchy. She was disturbed by this to the extent that she said “Me Too” and shocked the industry.

She didn’t let go of famous Islamic Scholar, Aamir Liaqat Hussain by saying that he spits a lot and later on she made another personal comment on Aamir Liaqat by saying that I get a feel that his chair will break down when he speaks.

This will be a shock to read as Hina Altaf made awkward statements about Sohail Waraich also as he cover all the minute details of female actresses in his show “Aik Din Geo Ke Sath”.

Hina didn’t hesitate in saying any of this even after knowing that all the actors, scholars and anchors are senior from her. All these statements made the stance of Hina Altaf very awkward in the industry and every other person is having second thoughts about working with her.

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