Sumbul Iqbal and Shehzad Sheikh will Share Screen Together

The days are passing in quarantine due to the pandemic coronavirus that has installed lockdown in whole Sindh and some parts of Punjab that result in boring life because we all are now forced to sit at home all day as all stores and cafes are closed nowadays but ladies can still enjoy because new drama is going to bind their eyes on TV screen or YouTube of phones where they would be able to see their favorite actors, Shahzad Sheikh and Sumbhul Iqbal in Tum Ho Wajah.

Tum Ho Wajah will be a drama with two stories. According to its two teasers, the lead actors would love each other and dream to marry each other but some twists and knots turn the love of Shahab and Chandra into hate while on the other hand there is Sawera Nadeem as the mother of three kids who would face the music because of her brother-in-law that will make her curse him. According to teasers and camera shots, the leading actress will suffer when their love will be cursed as in the second she is shown crying while standing behind the wall. Moreover, it seems that Shahzad Sheikh or Shahab will be a rich guy who can be manipulated easily as he is shown a guy who gets too angry on his love. Meanwhile, Sawera Nadeem will portray the role of a widow and poor mother who lives with the family of her brother-in-law which will affect the lives of her kids.

Besides three, the cast includes Saboor Ali, Ali Abbas and Kashif Mehmood. Kashif Mehmood will play the role of brother-in-law. It is still mystery what will be the role and characters of the other two young actors who were seen in Gul-O-Gulzar and Kahin Deep Jalay recently and respectively.

Tum Ho Wajah is the direction of Saima Waseem while Erum Binge Shahid is the producer of the upcoming serial. However, it is date is not announced. Furthermore, its teasers and most is remaining.

The drama might be different from other dramas but it can turn out to be cliché story as well. You can’t say anything right now because teasers are remaining. So, right now spend time watching other dramas and stay with us to know more about Tum Ho Wajah and other chilly stories!

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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