How to Donate On the Imran Khan Flood Donation Website?

By Sanam Nayab — Updated on 12/05/2023
Imran Khan's efforts in helping the flood victims were widely praised, and his flood relief fund became a model for other similar fundraising initiatives.

Chairman of the PTI, Imran Khan, has announced an online contribution platform, flood relief 2023 Punjab.gov.pk, to raise money for flood relief efforts. Donations to the flood relief fund can be made through this website by anybody, regardless of where they live.


In this section, we’ll fill you in on all the specifics of donating through our website. Please read on for some vital information before donating. These resources are independent of the Prime Minister’s Office budget. The money raised will be given to those in Pakistan impacted by the recent floods.

The money is being collected through the Government of Punjab’s official website, but that doesn’t imply it may only be used in Punjab. This endowment is managed by Sania Nishtar. This sum is identical to the one Imran Khan raised during a live telethon. Many people had valid concerns about these issues, which we addressed in detail below.

You may also post questions or comments if you have them. Find out all you need about this site and the online donation process for the Imran Khan Flood donation Fund right here. You should verify the website’s address before sending money to the Imran Khan flood relief fund since several phishing websites pretend to be affiliated with the real one. Donations to this online fund can be made by anybody, inside or outside Pakistan. Any major credit or debit card can be used to donate.


Donate Over The Internet To The Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund

This is the whole procedure for donating the internet.

Visit the Punjab Government’s Flood Relief Fund page at floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk.

The leader of the PTI has announced a fundraising effort to benefit those in his country who have been impacted by recent flooding, and he has called on his constituents to give generously. He further mentioned that the total amount raised from the first two telethons was over Rs10 billion.

In addition, the ex-prime minister said they would have more phone lines set up so that as many people as possible may call to make donations to those in need. The PTI Chairman held a second telethon on Sunday, raising a total of Rs5 billion to aid those impacted by the recent flooding in Pakistan. Imran Khan flood donation is the most reliable way to donate to people affected by this disaster.

The PTI leader stated that Pakistan is one of the countries most impacted by climate change despite contributing less than 1% of global carbon emissions. Imran Khan says we have brought disaster upon ourselves by failing to construct sufficient dams.

At the outset of the telethon, the PTI Chief stated that more than 33 million people had been seriously affected by the floods, which are worse than the floods of 2010. He also noted that the country would need to pull together at this trying moment.

Imran Khan Flood Donation raised more than Rs5 billion in the first telethon for flood relief. The former prime minister raised approximately Rs5 billion in donations during the three-hour flood telethon, according to Senator Faisal Javed Khan, who served as the event’s moderator.

Destruction Caused By Flooding

The district courts, the deputy commissioner’s complex, public parks, PTCL Colony, FC Line, and grid station were all inundated. The district administration completed 235 draining operations to make these areas usable again. The deputy commissioner has reported that traffic on Tank-Pezu Road and Tank-Jandola Road has been resumed.

Damage to homes, crops and other infrastructure was widespread throughout the area and neighboring Waziristan due to the week-long flash flood. He said the heavy rains and flooding had affected 80% of the district’s rural areas and 20% of its urban communities (Finance and Management).

Brief Account of the Disaster

The National Disaster Management Authority estimates that 1,739 individuals have lost their lives, and about 8 million have been displaced directly due to the floods, making this an international humanitarian crisis. There has been widespread destruction of vital infrastructure, homes, and animals. ECHO field employees recently visited flood-affected districts in Sindh and Balochistan, and their findings indicate that the situation is still critical, with large swaths of land remaining underwater.

Over 1.85 million people are still homeless and living in makeshift camps along the road. The fact that many displaced persons who have returned must now live in higher regions with flood waters all around them is pretty concerning. In several flood-stricken areas of Pakistan, floodwaters are still gradually ebbing. Districts in Sindh (Dadu, Kambar, Shahdad Kot, Khairpur, Mirpur Khas, Jamshoro, Sanghar, Umer Kot), Balochistan (Sohbatpur and Jaffarabad), and Punjab (Pai) continue to report standing flood waters. UNOSAT satellite images show that an additional 8 million people are at risk from flooding or are located in low-lying regions near flooded areas.

As of December 3rd, according to the Sindh Provincial Disaster Management Authority, more than 240,000 people are still affected. This number is down significantly from the 6.5 million displaced in the province as recently as early September. Reports indicate that about 90% of flood refugees stay with host communities, while the remaining 10% are in makeshift settlements like tent cities and relief camps. The flood levels have subsided, allowing millions of people to return home.

However, there have been reports of severe service shortages in return regions and widespread damage to homes, farms, and means of income. According to a recent need and gaps study conducted by sector partners, the demand for emergency food aid will continue to rise until the first quarter of 2023. Food insecurity will increase if this issue isn’t addressed, forcing more individuals into crises and emergencies. An extra 1.1 million individuals are in a deteriorating food security situation and are expected to enter IPC 4 (emergency food security phase) between January and March 2023. Data shows that the current relief effort is woefully inadequate, with over 5.1 million people still living in IPC 4 circumstances as a direct result of the floods.

Extreme flooding and landslides and devastating effects on people’s lives, property, and infrastructure were brought on by monsoon season rainfall, approximately 2.9 times the national 30-year normal. At least 9.6 million children are among the estimated 20.6 million people in need of humanitarian aid. As of this writing, the government of Pakistan has proclaimed a “calamity” in 94 districts.

Many of the worst-affected areas are also some of Pakistan’s most impoverished, with high child malnutrition rates, inadequate sanitation facilities, low school enrollment rates, and so on. Northern and northwest Pakistan, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Gilgit Baltistan (GB), Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK), and Balochistan north, have had snowfall and temperatures below 0 Celsius, with many of these places being hit by the floods. Therefore donate through the Imran khan flood donation website.

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