Top 11 Instagram Jewellery Pages In Pakistan

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 09/06/2023
Pakistani Instagram jewelry accounts provide a new and fascinating way to explore and purchase fashionable, high-quality, inexpensive jewelry. These pages show a wide range of jewelry designs, from traditional and ethnic to modern and style.

Jewellery for Pakistani brides is often so elaborate that it would rival that of a Mughal princess. Unfortunately, the current skyrocketing price of gold means that women have little choice but to resort to costume jewelry to fulfill their wedding day desires. The country’s jewelry designers have greatly improved wedding costume jewellery in Pakistan.


You should check out the stunning Kundan, Polki, and other modern and traditional jewels that have been meticulously made and defined. You can buy one without breaking the bank, and it will still be stunning. They pose no threat to security and may be reused with confidence. In addition, you can afford to buy additional pieces to ensure you sparkle at every wedding event because they are less expensive.

These days, online jewelry stores are all over your favorite social media channels. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like shiny, long-lasting jewelry. Today, we’ll help you by providing a list of the top Instagram jewellery pages in Pakistan.

Compilation of Instagram Jewellery Pages Pakistan

The top Instagram jewellery pages in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Jaipur & Co.
  • Banana & Kale
  • The Jewels of Noor Jahan
  • Shopsy
  • Jewels Obsession
  • Orb & Gravel
  • Neemar Jewels
  • The Kuku Store
  • The Alara Shop
  • Jewellery City
  • Bukhari Accessories

1. Jaipur & Co.

You won’t find better gold-plated jewelry designers in Pakistan than these professionals. Artisan Statement Jewelry is the most common name for their products. This company’s designs for modern and classic bridal jewelry are really art pieces, not just accessories.

Their jewelry is regularly shown in Pakistani fashion houses’ most prestigious bridal ads. If you are shopping for wedding jewelry or other things to add to your trousseau, you should read some of their posts. They ship internationally and will even pay for your freight if you place a large enough order.

2. Banana & Kale

Banana & Kale has been around for a year and has steadily gained popularity. They first gained recognition for their exquisite jewelry and subsequent product photography. Since they only make so much of their beautiful jewelry, each item is one of a kind. Banana & Kale’s Instagram shop features a wide selection of fashionable jewelry, including necklaces and earrings. Because of the unpretentious simplicity of their designs, they stand out from all other online jewelry stores in Pakistan.

3. The Jewels of Noor Jahan

This label’s designers take their cues from the past and have perfected their technique. They’ve been around for a while, and the breadth of their services reflects that experience. These individuals are your most excellent choice if you want to dress like a princess on your wedding day by wearing a lot of jewelry and a wide neckpiece.

When making a final choice, you’ll find that their prices are reasonable and that their Instagram and Facebook pages feature examples of their work with testimonials from satisfied customers. You may get a stunning assortment of the greatest-looking decorations for your big day, from maths to matha patties and bracelets.

4. Shopsy

Shopsy is the place to go for the most up-to-date and reasonably priced jewelry options. They provide one of the largest selections of earrings, rings, pendants, sets, bracelets, and bangles from any online jewelry store in Pakistan. The items are well-designed and crafted. They also have a fantastic selection of antique jewelry. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in shops, and they’ll ship it directly to your home.

5. Jewels Obsession

Were you trying to find some bracelets and earrings? If you’re looking for the proper Instagram feed to land on, Jewels Obsession is where you want to be. In particular, their snake chains and gold bangles are among the most fashionable available—new jewelry at low costs.

6. Neemar Jewels

If you’re shopping for a wedding or formal jewelry, don’t overlook Neemar Jewels. Both Lahore and Karachi serve as their home base. Neemar jewelers, according to their head designer, work hard to control their customers’ spending. Really, what more could you ask for? You may contact them at the numbers provided if you need further information. However, we must let you know that Neemar has also been in several fashion shows and received significant acclaim for its efforts.

7. The Kuku Shop

The Kuku Store one of the top Instagram jewellery pages in Pakistan sells a line of sophisticated jewelry and is at the top of its game. They pioneered the now-ubiquitous Cuban chain. You’ll want to buy everything they sell since it’s ideally designed and on-trend. They provide various reasonably priced accessories, including purses, knuckle rings, and bracelets.

8. The Alara Store

Visit Alara Shop immediately if you’re interested in modern, eye-catching aesthetics. Alara’s fashionable creations have made it a favorite among Hollywood’s A-list. A piece of jewelry from such a store would be a conversation starter in terms of style. They sell various rings, from little heart-shaped ones to massive ones. Compared to other popular Pakistani online jewelry stores, their pricing is quite competitive.

9. Ali Javeri Jewelers

You may get the look of a traditional bride and feel like a bride from the Victorian era or before the division. Models have been seen wearing Ali Javeri Jewelers on the runway. For Wedding Couture Week, AJJ collaborated with Annus Abrar to present some extremely high-profile, refined bridal designs. Look at their profile and take in the Mughal-era influences on their art. It’s a fantastic sight to see.

10. Jewellery City

Need some help deciding on jewelry for your Nikkah Mehndi or Walima? You may stop stressing about it now that Jewellery city Pakistan provides everything you need. Whether you’re looking for rings, bagels, necklaces, or zircons, you’ll find them on their website. The costs are low enough that the average person may purchase even a whole jewelry collection.

11. Bukhari Accessories

Syeda Isra’s Bukhari Accessories is a jewelry firm with a thriving Instagram store. They undoubtedly know what kinds of jewelry sell and where to sell them. Their jewelry is beautiful and provides a large selection of styles and metals for international shipping. They don’t only sell jewelry from one subset, though; they have about everything a jewelry lover might want. Their products are pricier but have incredible craftsmanship and stylish designs.

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