11 Best Mens Clothing Brands in Pakistan

By Sanam Nayab — Updated on 05/05/2023
Pakistan's fashion industry seeks to be the best in the world, and it particularly wants to revolutionize menswear. Men today have access to a wide range of clothing options, from eastern to western styles.

The style of Pakistani men has changed in recent years due to men’s clothing. Men who were open to experimentation and wanted to change were responsible. Pakistan’s fashion industry has global ambitions and hopes to take men’s fashion to new heights. Thanks to their efforts, men seem able to compete with women in fashion, style, and design. Men have many options, from Western wear to Eastern wear. We’ll be talking about the top Pakistani menswear labels today.
There are loads of companies in this industry, but only a few are tailored to your needs and desires. We researched the best fashion houses and chose several stores where you would enjoy shopping for a dress. These businesses can determine what people want and what design trends are now in demand. The highest quality products are produced by international brands that make millions daily. Here, you’ll learn about some of the most recognized names in men’s clothing brands in Pakistan.


List of the Finest Men’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

A man’s clothing is often misunderstood to be simple to adopt. When it comes to women’s clothing, many chefs are happy to offer extensive guidance. But guys don’t have it so easy, especially in Pakistan.
This time, you have nothing to worry about because we have explored some of the greatest men’s apparel companies in Pakistan so that you may expand your closet with some truly incredible pieces.
Men’s apparel from popular international labels is always in high demand in Pakistan. This is why international menswear labels are eager to showcase their newest collections in Pakistan every season. With many guys in Pakistan, these foreign labels are completely unknown.
There are undoubtedly some well-known Pakistani menswear labels, such as HSY, Deepak Parwani, and many more. In addition, there are many popular brands from across the world to choose from. Choosing the finest from such a wide variety of brands is much more difficult.
Luckily, we’re here to provide you with information about the top men’s clothing brands in Pakistan. Regardless of the brand you want, you can always count on getting high-quality garments and accessories.
Thus, we have compiled our top recommendations for men’s apparel companies in Pakistan into a single resource. Men’s fashion labels range from the well-known to the completely unknown.


One of the best names in Pakistani business attire is Charcoal. It has a wide selection of high-quality suits and other formalwear for men. Check out the sophisticated designs and colors of their western clothes, too. Yet, the label’s traditional three-piece suits are a customer favorite. The collection of charcoal three-piece suits and formal attire has introduced new shapes and cuts. The unique designs and high-quality materials set this brand apart.
Guys, too, may complete their outfits with the help of the right accessories. They have a wide selection of t-shirts and jeans in their urban pop line. You may also purchase elegant ties to match your clothes here. You may also shop their kurtas and pants for special events and celebrations.



When it comes to western wear, one of the best places to shop is Levis, Pakistan. People adore their products because they are one-of-a-kind, on-trend, and rendered in basic hues and textures. Among men’s apparel, their high-quality jeans are the most sought-after. Check out the rest of their casual clothing, including shirts, t-shirts, jackets, and sweaters.
In terms of casual clothing, their denim selection is unparalleled. Despite the brand’s higher price tag, Levi’s products are worth the investment.


Diners, another top-tier men’s clothing brand in Pakistan, is a great pick for everyday wear. It opened its doors in the 1990s and has since become the leader in Pakistan’s retail clothes industry. Their extensive men’s apparel selection features basic and timeless styles. Their locations and website are great options for finding high-quality fabric and designs at reasonable prices.
Browse through their selection of casual and formal clothes, including t-shirts, dress shirts, polos, slacks, and jeans. Diner’s winter collection’s fashionable coats, sweaters, and hoodies are all high quality.


Akaram is well-known in the Pakistani business world and is the preferred brand of Pakistani males. They offer a large selection of many more lines, like kids’ wear and home accessories. Because they are the oldest brand, they have targeted the women of Pakistan. Visit their website to get a better idea about their fashion style.
Both finished, and unfinished fabrics are available, allowing you to create your unique look. Its stores are all across Pakistan, and for the convenience of other audiences, they also have outlets in Dubai and UAE.


When it comes to western wear, Outfitter is a top name. The brand sets a fresh trend every season with its new western line. Every season, their exceptional assortment is the one that stands out the most.
Teenage boys and young men may browse their selection of tees, button-downs, co-ords, polos, jeans, slacks, shorts, jackets, and shoes. Outfitters are well-known for producing the trendiest and most creative patterns, ushering in a new style season after season. In Pakistan, this label is regarded as the go-to for high-quality Western apparel.
You may also peruse their selection of colognes, shoes, and other accessories for guys. Its stores are open everywhere throughout Pakistan. It also has a website where customers may peruse its high-quality clothes inventory and place orders. Outfitters have fresh arrivals in flowery pattern shirts and wide pants for guys.

Royal Tag

Affordable men’s clothing may be found at Royal tag or on their website. Royal tag is another new men’s clothing brand in Pakistan. Tuxedos, party suits, narrow fits, summer wear, and normal suits are all among the varieties of suits this label produces. The 3-piece outfits come in various colors, giving clients plenty of options.
If you’re looking for something more laid-back, visit their selection of sweatshirts, tees, polos, blazers, jeans, slacks, and sportswear. The brand also provides a high-quality Tehwar collection, complete with festive waistcoats, kurtas, shalwar kameez, and pants. Wallets, ties, cufflinks, belts, pocket squares, tie pins, and scarves are just some of the items in their accessory selection that may help you complete your outfit.


If you’re in the market for stylish menswear at a reasonable price, go no further than Ideas by Gul Ahmed. Clothes can be found. The selection of men’s apparel is likewise rather extensive. You can shop from various styles, including eastern, western, winter, and unstitch. You may see what choices are available by visiting their website.
You can always rely on their high-quality fabric, which comes in a wide range of seasonal, muted, and solid color options. Cotton silk, boski, linen, polyester, Capri Latha, blended, Jacquard, viscose, karandi, Oxford solid, wash and wear, and twill solid are only some fabrics that may be used to make the garments. The men’s selection of dress shirts is also offered at a very reasonable price. Gul Ahmed also produces high-quality men’s Latha and boski.


These outfits for guys are quite popular. All of their outfits come in a wide variety of cuts and patterns. Their attire, from business casual to evening wear, is perfect for any event that calls for a touch of class, be it a formal conference, a fancy dinner, a polo match, or even a round of golf. Uniworth has a product for every gentleman. Everyone may find the perfect suit by picking from various available cuts, colors, and customizations.


When it comes to men’s clothing brands in Pakistan, look no further than Monark. Western styles often include this Monark fabric. They have fashionable coats, tees, polos, formal shirts, and casual shirts that are appropriate for any event. Monark also sells formal pants and cotton pants for men. The brand’s superb suits, though, are what set it apart.
It is the place to go whether you want a patterned or checkered suit or a simple three-piece suit. Their products are high-priced yet of excellent quality and attractive designs. Monark has a wonderful variety of ties, wallets, belts, sunglasses, cufflinks, and socks to choose from so that you may accessorize your suits to perfection. You can also find elegant casual clothing among their wares, so visit their website to explore more apparel.


Bonanza Satrangi is one of the few labels that has consistently remained at the forefront of fashion. By every season, it introduces wearable collections with fresh takes on classic silhouettes that quickly become wardrobe mainstays for both genders.
This label has both embroidered and unstitched collections of traditional and formal wear for women at very reasonable costs. It is now ranked highest among online retailers selling kurtas, waistcoats, and shalwar kameez.


In Pakistan, a good option for men’s clothes is Edenrobe. One of the best menswear labels in Pakistan, it has a wide range of possibilities inspired by local and international styles. Edenrobe has a wide variety of winter coats, jackets, and even shalwar kameez. And their web service is right up there with the best of them.

To Summarize

For every man who wants a great wardrobe, this article is for him. Men in Pakistan are notoriously fashion-conscious. We’re excited about this since beautiful fashion is highly valued in the Islamic faith. All the labels mentioned above are among the most well-known and respected in Pakistan, both domestically and internationally.
If you’re in the market for salwar kameez, western apparel, streetwear, or shoes, these are the labels to search for. We’ve included clickable links to their online shop, so you may browse for your preferred assortment and stay fashionable at all times.


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