10 Pakistani YouTubers With Most Subscribers In 2023

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 29/03/2023
Millions of YouTube users follow Pakistani YouTubers. By providing amusing and engaging material, several YouTubers have built dedicated fans and remain powerful in Pakistan's digital media environment.

The number of people making their media in the world has grown. YouTube is the go-to place for vloggers and influencers to get their names out. Pakistani YouTube stars have been increasingly popular as of late. Now you may find out who the Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers with the most subscribers in 2023 are and why they’re so popular. You’re in the correct location.


From gaining notoriety on the video-sharing platform YouTube through entertaining and thought-provoking clips to spreading knowledge through vlogging. They had a sizable following, the Pakistani YouTubers with the most subscribers. Many of these prominent Pakistanis are shaping the way in which they utilize digital media.

In Pakistan, many people have been interested in making their own YouTube channel due to the rising popularity of local content creators. The use of young YouTubers to promote other people’s businesses is also on the rise.

Many Pakistanis have started their own YouTube channels. However, those that remain consistent and show their tenacity and commitment get to the top. Many well-known Pakistani YouTubers have helped the firm succeed. In 2023, several Pakistani YouTubers started their channels from their homes, away from the COVID-19 epidemic. YouTubers have quickly grown their subscriber bases and monetized their tracks because of the increased demand for content such as home-cooked meal tutorials, beauty product unboxing videos, pranks, entertainment, and technology videos.


Earnings of Pakistani YouTubers

Newcomers and the general public in Pakistan are understandably curious about how much money Pakistani YouTubers with most subscribers make from making and posting videos on the platform. On the other hand, top YouTubers may earn millions of Pakistani rupees annually. While the content creators included here are the stars, not the channels, ARY Digital has the most subscribers among Pakistani YouTube accounts.

You may see the most popular Pakistani YouTubers with most subscribers listed below.

1. Saad ur Rehman “Ducky bhai”

  • 4.55 million subscribed users.

Saad ur Rehman is a prominent male YouTuber who posts comedic videos under the name Ducky Bhai. Ducky Bhai is the name of his YouTube channel, where he typically uploads short comedy sketches. People love watching his witty PUBG gameplay videos because he freely engages with other players and provides entertainment. In addition to his prank calls, he is well-known for the films in which he makes clever and unexpected jokes. At first, he became prominent due to the success of his roast videos on YouTube.

2. Home-Cooked Meals by Amna

  • 4.35 million subscribed users.

Amna Riaz is the first Pakistani woman to get the coveted YouTube Gold Play Button, and she is one of the most prevalent female YouTubers in Pakistan. Kitchen with Amna is the name of her channel, where she shares her cooking expertise and some delicious and simple recipes. She uploaded her primary video to YouTube in 2016, and she is now the most subscribed female YouTuber in Pakistan, with 47 million views and over 4.35 million followers. She’s number one on the list of the top 10 Pakistani YouTubers with most subscribers.

3. Food Fusion by Asad Memon

  • 4.2 million subscribed users.

Asad Memon’s YouTube culinary channel features simple, unique, and delicious dishes. YouTubers and Facebook users in Pakistan are flocking to the channel Food Fusion for inspiration and recipes. Using video tutorials, Asad Memon created this channel to show viewers how to make various dishes. Meanwhile, the idea of mainly creating wordless movies by merely noting ingredients and phases has made it much easier for users to keep track of everything they need for a recipe. This online cooking show is a hit among Pakistani viewers and foodies of all ages throughout the world. Co-owners Asad and Saima of a firm of the same name have built a fantastic regional reputation thanks to their delicious meals and entertaining videos on YouTube.

4. P4 Pakao Nadir Ali

  • 3.93 million subscribed users.

Nadir Ali, the man behind P 4 Pakao, is the undisputed king of fun. YouTube channel has the most subscribers in Pakistan. Every year over the previous three years. It’s now primarily used as a source of entertainment. It also has the difference of being the first privately owned Pakistani television network to amass a million viewers.

However, he is the first to amass 2 million subscribers on YouTube. There is an interest in reporting on his antics because his jokes and memes are all over the web. He now has 3.93 million people subscribed to his P 4 Pakao channel.

Nadir Ali is very committed to his career; he has been running his YouTube channel for the past six years and has amassed millions of subscribers and fans on both YouTube and Facebook thanks to the widespread popularity of his videos. It has been reported that Nadir Ali makes more than Rs.50 million annually from his YouTube channel.

5. Mubashir Saddique’s Food Secrets of the Village

  • 3.85 million subscribed users.

If you’re looking for good content on YouTube from Pakistan, Mubashir Saddique should be at the top of your list of the Top 10 Creators to Follow. He is a food vlogger who shares the modest lifestyle daily in his community on his YouTube channel, Community Food Secrets. His movies are unlike others since he uses simple wooden and homemade equipment to prepare gourmet meals. Besides having a significant following on YouTube, he is well-liked in Pakistan because of the intriguing fact that he grows his veggies and explains to his viewers how people in rural utilize primitive cooking methods while presenting famous traditional dishes.

6. Qasim Ali Shah

  • 3.56 million subscribed users.

Motivator, influencer, trainer, author, and sought-after public speaker—all titles that fit Qasim Ali Shah, a Pakistani with an impressive resume. His personal YouTube channel offers instructional and inspirational videos on improving one’s life. Since he provides instruction, he has become Pakistan’s most-watched educational video creator. Many people have been inspired by his films, and he even runs a charity called the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation.

7. Asad Ali Television

  • 2.3 million subscribed users.

Asad Ali TV, helmed by a Pakistani tech expert, also offers evaluations and commentary on the latest gadgets. Daily, he uploads videos to YouTube discussing IT audits, tips, and lies. One of Asad Ali’s numerous selling points is that his videos can be understood by both native Urdu speakers and those from other countries. a case study of the effectiveness of community-based online publications and social networks In Faisalabad, Pakistan, one man named Asad Ali has been held up as a symbol of triumph over hardship. In an interview with Pakistan Television, he was asked about the benefits of internet media. He explained how it may help people in Pakistan.

8. Shahmeer Abbas

  • 1.64 subscribed users.

Shahmeer, a popular figure in his own country, has become an internet sensation because of his dance skills and prank videos in which he tricks strangers on the street. One of the most popular Pakistani YouTubers as a result.

9. Awesome Family

  • 1.49 million subscribed users.

Khujlee Family, often known as Awesome Family, is a popular entertainment channel. You may have fun and get knowledge from them because all of their stuff revolves around that. The Awesome Family is the tenth most popular Pakistani YouTuber.

10. Shahid Akhtar

  • 4.8k subscribed users.

When it comes to his YouTube persona, he never loses his sense of humor. Yet, in several recordings made for a local audience, we hear him speaking mainly in Urdu. In his articles, he discusses every facet of cricket in Pakistan and beyond the world. We all adore cricket. Therefore it’s no surprise that his channel is one of the fastest-growing in Pakistan because he regularly interviews famous cricketers.

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