Top 15 Wedding Photographers in Lahore to Make Your Day Special

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 16/09/2023
Wedding photographers in Lahore are able to create beautiful and timeless images that couples can cherish for a lifetime with their expertise and attention to detail.

An engagement party or wedding is a celebration of your engagement, as the name suggests. You won’t find many engagement celebrations like this one.(1)


Because of how happy they are for you, your loved ones may not want to wait until the wedding to celebrate your engagement. You may “announce” your upcoming nuptials to friends and family by throwing an 2. It’s not required to hold a wedding or engagement party, although many couples do.

Many futures weds are running around like chickens in search of competent photographers as the wedding season rapidly approaches. Who can you trust in this day and age to capture the most precious and unforgettable moments of your wedding? We have you covered if your event is held in Lahore, Pakistan. Check out the work of some of the most talented wedding photographers in Lahore.(3)


1. Izza Shaheen Malik

One of the rising stars in the best bridal photography Lahore industry is Izza Shaheen. You haven’t met someone with as much expertise as she has in composition, editing, and providing visual cues. In addition, she has experience working on foreign projects, so you can be confident that she is up to the task.

2. Infocus by Zain Photography

Best bridal photography Lahore is the forte of Infocus by Zain, a firm run by the talented Zain. They have a crew of expert photographers, so you’ll get great shots of the happy couple on your wedding day. Their meticulous eye for detail and their natural cinematic vision make them a top choice among Lahore’s photographers.

3. Palwasha Minhas

Palwasha Minhas and her husband, Rizwan, work together as wedding photographers, capturing exquisite moments in little photographs. The couple’s work is also among the best options for engaged couples.

4. Aliza Waqar Photography

Best bridal photography Lahore is Aliza Waqar photography which specializes in portraits, weddings, and travel photography, among other things. Because of their well-trained and skilled employees, you and your loved ones will enjoy working with them. They are experts in getting natural reactions from the happy couple for priceless candid shots. Due to their reliable service and excellent standards, they have become a household brand in Lahore.

5. The Wedding Stories

Many engaged couples who want spectacular wedding photographs turn to this site. They are masters of the bokeh effect and editors of the highest caliber.

6. Mehar’s Studio

Mehar’s Studio, which Mehar Noman founded, has been in the photographic industry for over eight years. Their picture sessions in the great outdoors have become iconic, spanning time and space. They are professionals who know how to use the light to their advantage, and their success is assured. Photographic services for weddings, fashion shoots, commercials, and documentaries are among those provided.

7. Mdh Creations

Mdh Creations is the best bridal photography Lahore studio in Johar town, Lahore, with a Google rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Mdh Creations, with offices in Lahore, Islamabad, and Dubai, is a dedicated and professional business. They have achieved such widespread recognition because of the superior quality of their photographs, the originality of their compositions, and the skill with which they have edited the photos.

8. Shayan Ather Photography

Shayan Ather is highly competitive as a photographer and has shot dozens upon dozens of weddings. Pictures like this are great for bringing back memories of special occasions since they capture genuine, personal moments. Shayan Ather is the one to choose if you need someone who is both skilled and reasonably priced.

9. Alivation Media

Alivation Media, a wedding photography startup founded by Ali Raza, is making waves in the industry thanks to its high-quality work. Many engaged couples opt for this service because of its reasonable prices, quick turnaround, and flawless photo results. They also cover business functions using their camera equipment.

10. The Videographers

The Videographers are professional photographers who focus on weddings. The firm, founded by three recent film school grads, has branches in Lahore, Karachi, and Dubai. You can tell they were made with a cinematic eye by the unique perspectives and compositions they employ. Outdoor and relationship photography is their forte. Images, both natural and staged, are captured.

11. Natasha Zubair

Even though Natasha Zubair primarily works as a fashion photographer, she occasionally makes exceptions for engaged couples. When she photographs weddings, it’s a breath of new air. Contact her if you want to try something wild and unusual.

12. OPM Shoots

Currently, OPM is presumably reporting on their thousandth wedding for them. They achieved fame quite some time ago, but here’s the thing: they’ve maintained high standards. They are a fantastic choice since they have not strayed from their signature style or compromised their high standards.

13. HS Studio By Bilal Saeed

Few can compete with HS Studio by Bilal Saeed in terms of brand recognition and overall popularity. They are experts in photographing weddings, and their photos always turn out beautifully. Their high-resolution, dramatic images will make you feel like you got your money’s worth every time.

14. Irfan Ahsan

Irfan Ahson is a multi-award-winning, internationally recognized best bridal photographer in Lahore and is the go-to guy for the rich and famous. One of the city’s most in-demand photographers thanks to their innovative spirit, high standards of quality, and fresh perspectives. They charge a fair penny, but their high-quality services are worth every penny.

15. Aiesh Rizwan Photography

Aiesh Rizwan Photography, one of the few female photographers on our list, manages to find an understated tenderness in every shot. They are the preferred option of many Lahore citizens due to their ability to capture every charming moment and their excellent lighting and reasonable costs. Having shot in both indoor and outdoor settings, their creative approaches to photography set them apart.


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