Follow the Top 12 YouTube Vloggers in Pakistan

By Sanam Nayab — Updated on 09/05/2023
Pakistan has a thriving YouTube vlogger community that creates fascinating videos. These vloggers' distinctive and interesting material has garnered large followings on the network. They influence Pakistan's digital media and stretch YouTube's limits.

Some vloggers have emerged in recent years on the Pakistani version of YouTube. Because of the regularity with which they post videos of themselves online, they have garnered the affection of many. The young of today are abandoning traditional television in favor of online video platforms like YouTube. It’s no exaggeration to say that the captivating performances of some Pakistani Vloggers have a significant impact on the country’s young.


Some vloggers have emerged in recent years on the Pakistani version of YouTube. Because of the regularity with which they post videos of themselves online, they have garnered the affection of many. In this piece, we’ll look at the top 12 Pakistani Vloggers. It’s popular to follow Vloggers so you can see all the new content they release. These bloggers, or “Vloggers,” produce original material they share with their viewers. They have gained a large fan base on social media because of the original and compelling content they often provide.

Pakistan’s Top 10 Vloggers

1. Maaz Safdar

Maaz Safdar is arguably the most well-known Pakistani YouTuber. Online, he is rapidly becoming more and more prominent. He used to work on and release a new vlog every day of the year, and his 365-day streak set a record in Pakistan that has yet to be broken. Maaz Safdar is a talented young YouTuber who has rapidly risen to the top in his field. He has also been recognized as one of YouTube’s top producers. He uploads anything from vlogs and challenges to sketches and reviews on his channel, Maaz Safder World. Maaz has a gift for making people laugh, and his movies always get a good response from audiences. He is an example to many young people who want to get into the vlogging and YouTube industries.


2. Taimoor Salahuddin AKA Mooroo

Mooroo’s hometown and place of birth are both in Pakistan, namely Lahore. He went to school for filmmaking in the States. His debut single, “Pataki Larki,” was co-written and published by Anni Jaffri in 2011. After that, he released the single “Awam” with rapper Faris Shafi in 2012. People everywhere began singing along to this song immediately. He was also nominated for “Best Music Video Director” at the 2013 and 2014 Lux Style Awards. He was named “Voice of the Year” at the 5th Annual Youth Festival. There’s no denying the hilarity of his sketches on YouTube. Despite his brief career, he has already achieved widespread acclaim.

3. Irfan Junejo

One of the most prevalent vloggers in Pakistan is named Irfan Junejo. As a result, he is now recognized as a credible source of original material. His vlogs are heartwarming and uncomplicated. Their simplicity and his ability to communicate his material in such a fast manner have boosted his fan base. His first foray into the world of online video was as a vlogger who filmed a three-minute video of himself in his bedroom.

The following are excerpts from a statement he issued:

To paraphrase the author, ” I am sure of my ideas today, a simple concept with solid execution can go viral, and its amount. One example is the Lyari video; a basic idea from Patari and zero preparation led me to Lyari to produce a successful video that went incredibly famous on YouTube.”

He’s a fantastic YouTuber that often updates his audience with exciting new content. He has amassed tens of thousands of members in a few short months because of his hard work and determination.

4. Shahveer Jafry

Cartoonist and comedian Shahveer Jafry hails from Pakistan. His hilarious work is available on YouTube and Facebook. Jafry frequently makes fun of aspects of Pakistani society in his cartoons. The Baarwan Khalad Series features him as well. Shahveer Jafry began his YouTube career with notable Pakistani YouTubers Zaid Ali and Sham Idrees. He also runs the clothing company that sties me up as its CEO. In 2021, Shahveer won the PISA for best Vlogger.

His most well-known works are comedic videos he made on South Asian families in Canada. His funny videos accurately portray South Asian Canadian life, customs, and traits (commonly referred to as brown people). The likable character in Shahveer’s videos has earned millions of fans.

5. Saad your Rehman (also known as Ducky Bhai)

Saad Ur Rehman, known by his YouTube as Ducky Bhai, is a vlogger, gamer, and roaster from Pakistan. His viral YouTube comedic and gaming videos catapulted him to superstardom. In addition, Ducky Bhai has been named the best YouTuber for two years, earning him the prestigious PISA award. The prominent YouTube vlogger has built quite a sizable following thanks to his hilarious attitude and roasting videos.

6. Umar Khan AKA UKhano

UKhano is arguably the most well-known Pakistani YouTuber. Because of his proficiency in Photoshop, he has a solid graphic design portfolio. In a short time, he rose to fame because of his incredible Vlogs trip. Due in no little part to his exceptional video editing abilities, he has also become widely known.

7. Nadir Ali

Nadir Ali, a Pakistani YouTuber who goes by “P 4 Pakao,” is famous for his comedic and prank films. The podcast he hosts is also quite successful for him. Nadir started his YouTube account in 2016, and since then, he’s acquired a sizable following. Nadir frequently pulls pranks on unsuspecting people in his films. He has also created several movies using people as subjects to study how they react in different situations. It’s not just Pakistan that Nadir’s films have gone viral; they’ve also gained a lot of attention in nations like India, Bangladesh, and the USA.

8. Bilal Khan

This is the individual that stands out due to his extraordinary abilities. He also dabbles in singing and video blogging. With his vlogs, he gives fans an inside look into the lives of their favorite stars. He introduces us to a new celebrity in his Vlogs almost every week.

9. Zaid Ali

YouTube comedian Zaid Ali creates parodies and other comedic videos. His viral success was due in large part to his humorous online videos. Zaid always has us in fits of laughter or on the verge of wetting our trousers. His videos are fun for the whole family to enjoy. There’s little doubt he can keep a crowd laughing.

10. Marium Pervaiz

Marium Pervaiz has amassed a large following on both YouTube and Instagram. Her original fashion sense and upbeat attitude have helped her quickly gain a devoted fan base in Pakistan. A brilliant young YouTuber, Marium Pervaiz, is one to watch. Not only is Pervaiz wonderful, but he is also exceptionally talented. She is a perfect example of someone who uses their influence for good.

Her uninhibited nature serves as an example to people of all ages. Unlike the competition, Marium never fails to wow her followers and always responds to their messages. Her magnetic charisma has attracted a sizable and loyal fan base on YouTube and Instagram. She puts her followers’ satisfaction above her fame.

11. Abdul Wali

In the realm of travel, Abdul Vali is a household name. Since his goal is to visit 100 different countries, all his films focus on his travels. His YouTube account is full of trip vlogs, and many exist.

Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, and Karachi were among the cities he visited in Pakistan. There are 136 videos from his trip to Pakistan in his playlist. He has tried to include footage from all around Pakistan in his vlogs. Moreover, his vlogs on his travels throughout the world are full of useful information and may serve as a helpful guide for those on a tighter budget. If you’re looking for a great trip experience, his channel is the one to subscribe to.

12. Abrar Hassan

Think of all the places you could see on a motorcycle if you rode through Pakistan and other nations. Travel vlogger Abrar Hassan rides his bike throughout the world. His trip videos are exciting and will inspire you to see the world in a new way. The way he crosses the borders of several nations on his bike provides his vlogs with additional substance. It’s for this reason that viewers find his travelogue so captivating.

Abrar is a genuine person since his travels reveal both his triumphs and his mistakes. He accepts his failures and mentions them in his vlogs, and this is what makes his vlogs realistic.

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