Lets Identify the real Pakistani : 65th Independence Day of Pakistan


Today is 65th Independence Day of the Islamic republic of Pakistan. I can feel the happiness and heartiest wishes of all Pakistanis around me by the sources of print and electronic media. Being a media person, whenever I celebrate a national or international event, I refresh the historical background or memories of that event so that my listeners get a glimpse of real incident.


While enjoying the celebrations of 14th August in the form of TV talk shows, morning and evening shows, musical concerts, dramas, skits etc I feel myself fortunate to be its active or passive part. This is 4.30pm right now and after 7.30 hours, the day will pass by uploading or sharing lots of motivating stuff on Facebook or social websites. Is this a proper way to celebrate a historical event?? Definitely! Of course! many people will give an instant response. I do agree and I don’t have any critical analysis of all ways of celebrations but the real soul of celebration is often ignored. This is what I realized when I read the book “RAM DEEN” written by Mumtaz Mufti. I would like to share an incident from his life when he was wandering confused about the independent state of Islam.


After the eight years of existence of Pakistan, Mumtaz Mufti was Pakistani by citizen but heart was embedded in different fears, confusions and hopelessness regarding the stability of Pakistan. One day he was passing by the graveyard where a pious person was offering Fateha on one grave. He stopped and waited to do greetings with him. The pious person got free soon, greeted him well and asked how was life going? Mumtaz Mufti replied in non serious way, it’s okay, don’t know what will happen to the country?.The pious person became serious and said, “Dear it’s not your responsibility to get worried about the stability of Pakistan. This responsibility has been taken by great pious old people here, pointing to the grave inside the graveyard. For you, it’s a simple duty on being citizen of Pakistan, is to just remember one thing before going any work. The duty is,  “think before doing any work whether your action is in favors of Pakistan or not”

Freedom in the mind,

Faith in the words,

Pride in our hearts,

Memories in our souls &

Loudness in our actions

Lets salute the nation on 65th Independence day.

Happy Independence day

Proud to be a Pakistani!!!

Ghowash Hateem

MSc Applied Psychology, RJ FM 93 Multan, Counselor and Trainer in Synergy Business Solutions, English Debator & Essay Writer and won 4 times Chief Minister's English Essay Contest, Art Performer, Event Organizer, FGD Researcher (USAID)

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