Telefilm “Left Right Left ” Cast & Story

Telefilms on special occasions like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha have become a popular trend. Every year the audience gets a chance to enjoy something cheerful and different through these popular shows. They are usually based on the light side of life and are based on the themes that encompass common life happenings. Usually, they highlight the family knots, touching love stories, comedy stories, and many such similar themes. In this way, the viewer gets an opportunity to watch more in less time. Hum TV like its plays has continued with the tradition of giving great telefilms too. This Eid they came up with a telefilm with an innocent yet catchy theme. The telefilm left right left actually highlighted the dream come true of the children that are the rule of the kids in the country so that they do not have to face the most hated restrictions by the parents.

Story of Telefilm “Left Right Left “:

The story of the telefilm revolves around the happy go lucky family living which included three kids and the parents. The opening scene with the family sitting on the dining table having meal makes the viewer smile right as the plants. The conversation over how the mom cooks and what she cooks can be related to the daily life discussions at every home. The kids are tired of how the parents deal with them in day to day chores like watching TV, playing in the streets, using cell phones etc. The things change when one fine morning the family opens the eyes with the news of Kids’ Government taking over. The telefilm is now available on YouTube as well.

The Cast of Telefilm “Left Right Left “:

The story is penned by Rizwan Hassan and the acting teams include the seasoned Zalay Sarhadi, Jaweria Abbasi and Syed Jibran.

Telefilm “Left Right Left “:

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