Alag The Band: The Origin And Genres

(Last Updated On: 15/02/2013)
Alag The Band

Alag The Band

This is now the top leading band of Pakistani five Rock And Pop Singers who are named as Mudassar Wadood, Shaan Khan, Hasan Haider, Danish Qamar and Umair Aj-Dj. Well, Alag Band originated from Islamabad Pakistan and this band is popular because of its Rock and Pop style. Five guys look awesome with their uniqueness in singing and style.

Year Of Activation

Well, the year of activation for this band is 2010 and it is still operating it latest trends of singing among young generation. Dhokay Bazi was their first song and this song was the sporting point for all five guys in Alag Band, they have their combined performance in this song. This song (Dhokay Bazi) is listening to all the Asian Generation because of its popularity among Pakistani new life joiners.

About Mudassar Wadood

Mudassar Wadood is the leading singer of this band and he has also sung a song named “Wo Bederd” which is too much famous because of its lyrics and singing styles. This song is full of feelings and he sang this heartily and his voice touches the heart. Mudassar Wadood gain lot of success in the short moment of time. He is not only a singer but also Music composer, lyricist, Vocalist, recorder and Rhythm Guitars.

About Other Partners

Umair Aj-Dj used to remix and organize the he is also music composer, Dis Jockey and he also do sequencing. Danish Qamar is Bassist and Lyricist. Hasan Haider is a drummer and truly beat the heart with his drum beat. Shaan Khan is Vocalist and also Lyricist. Well, this band is well known because of its uniqueness and quality singing and Pop Rock style.

Top Famous Songs

The top famous song of this band is Dhokay Bazi and the other top famous song is Bederd. And some of them are listed below.

  • Dhokay Bazi
  • Ek Aas
  • Ek Aas (Fast Version)
  • Sab Se Alag
  • Jaago
  • Kaisey Bhulun
  • No Borders (Featuring Fortitude)
  • Bedard (Mudassir Wadood Only)
  • Ek Pal (Shan Khan Only)
  • Najane Kyun (Danish Qamar Only)

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