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Aseer Zadi Hum TV Drama Serial

Aseer Zadi Hum TV Drama Serial

(Last Updated On: 06/09/2013)

Aseer Zadi is a new hum TV drama serial. It is written by Mustafa Afridi. It is directed by Ehtisham Uddin and is produced by Momina Duraid. The lead cast of this drama includes Sania Saeed, Farah Shah, Sakina Sammo, Salman Shahid, Noor Hassan, Ainy Jafri, Eshita Mehboob along with other colleges. It is going to start only on Hum TV and every Saturday at 8.00pm. This drama comes under the home department of the channel where the drama is handled and produced by the famous producer Momina droid. The story of this drama is reality based and it focuses on the unethical and unauthentic trends of society in which man is the only power and he can make decisions what he want.

This is the story of a family that prides itself in the tradition of more than one marriage. The men of this family marry thrice when their first two wives cannot bear kids. They don’t hesitate to marry again and again until they don’t got children. The head of the family is the great peer who is also married thrice and he got son from his third wife. The name of his son is the sahaab and the name of his third wife is the Bari sarkari.
All family feel proud of their son and even the third wife who gave birth to the boy also feel proud of herself. After the birth of sahaab the mother of boy bari sarkari considers herself the head and owner of the family and she rules over all other women of the family because they cannot produce kids.

Then Sahaab is married to a girl and his wife is also infertile and she also cannot bear kids so sahaab is remarried to get the kids. His second wife gives birth to a boy surprisingly and the revolutions of the family changes and all family is once again happy at the birth of boy. He was again forced to marry with the girl of the faithful manager of the head of the family. The girl and her family refused to this marriage but the peer sahib the head of the family forced the girl and family to marry. So the girl accepted the purpose and she got married with sahaab. Before the birth of this child there was the rule of bari sarkari for all women of the family but with the birth of sahaab son her domination transferred to the second wife of the sahaab and there comes a new turn in the lives of all family members.

This drama serial is new and unique styles for viewers than romance, love and other such common stories. It is a new story in the history of channels and dramas in Pakistan. Now the matter is this what will be the hold of this story and what turn will be there in the lives of all family members and how they will behave with the second wife of sahaab who gave birth to the boy.

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