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Entity Paradigm Music Band

Entity Paradigm Pakistani Musical Band

Entity Paradigm is the band from Lahore which formed in 2000. The band was first made by the three members like guitarist Zulfiqar J.Khan, volcalist Ahmad Ali Butt and vocalist with songwriter Fawad Afzal Khan. Later, this band was joined by the other people like Salman Albert, Abid Khan, Hassaan Khalid and Waqar Ahmad and as a result band becomes with seven members. Initially, the focus of the band is to create music like progressive rock and progressive metal but the band was also influenced from the rap rock and the psychedelic rock as well. The band released their debut album in 2003 with the name “Irtiqa” which was first mainstream concept base album which was released by any Pakistani artist at that time. From this album two songs like “Hamein Azma” and “Wqt” were getting very popularity specially Wqt gain its popularity not in Pakistan but across the border as well.

Ep Entity Paradigm members
Ep Entity Paradigm members

As this song was remain on top of all local charts in India. In 2005, the band performed a charity concept for the tsunami victims along with other bands like Call, Jal and Junoon in Lahore. In 2007 the band breakup as the most of members of the band leave the band as active members of band’s like Zulfiqar J.Khan and Waqar Khan joined the Call band. While an important member of the band like Fawad A. Khan started his career as an actor. As a result of the breakup of the band in 2009, some of Entity Paradigm members like Ahmad Ali Butt, Hassaan Khalid, Waqar A. Khan and the Salman Albert formed a new band with name “Rubber band”. After the reunion, the band released their new single “Chall” while shortly they also released their music video “Shor Macha” as well and give their first performance in Rawalpindi at Saint Mary’s Academy.

With new formation, Entity Paradigm did their second album in 2010. The band did their work for the third season of the Coke Studio as well in which they performed the song “Bolo bolo” and through this song they actually give credit to the famous Pakistani Sajjad Ali. In 2012, band confirmed through social media like through Facebook page that their leading vocalist Fawad Azam Khan has left the band. As a result, band reduced to three members but the current three members of band said that they will continue their work and will create some nice music in future.

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