Galaxy Computers – Pioneer and a Trend Setter

(Last Updated On: 14/04/2013)

Galaxy is an online web store operated in Pakistan. This web store was established in 1991. The purpose to establish Galaxy web store was to increase computer awareness in common people of the country and to provide them with necessary equipment of high quality. Galaxy concentrated more on quality rather than filling their pockets via profits. Due to this Galaxy is known to be one of the top resellers in Pakistan. They have stores in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. Their website is open for the public to have a look at the range of products and their prices that the Galaxy offers. Galaxy always introduces newly released latest products in Pakistan. They are also distributors for various unique products that are not found elsewhere in Pakistan. This gives Galaxy an edge over various other retailers and distributors in Pakistan as they facilitate people in getting all the new inventions. Since their website is updated on daily basis, therefore not only Pakistani customers benefit from the website but people all around the globe use their website to view up to date prices and product configurations to keep themselves updated. Galaxy is a well-known name in Pakistani dealers because they provide gaming accessories, 3-Dimensional Graphic Cards and high quality casings and cooling solutions.

The main emphasize of Galaxy is to introduce best brands that are used around the globe when it comes to memory and graphic hardware. They distribute Inno3D and EVGA (Nvidia) and HiS (AMD 3D cards). Not only Galaxy resells laptops like Apple, Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and HP but they provide other gadgets i.e. Apple iPad, iPhone and other Android tablets and phones. Galaxy deals in Intel’s Desktop computers and servers for medium and small organisations. Computers and servers are configured according to the customer requirements. Printers, scanners, cartridges, mouse, keyboards and any other hardware for laptops and personal computers are dealt at Galaxy. They also deal in LCD and LED displays, internet accessories, licenced software as well as portable storage media. In short there is nothing in the world of technology that Galaxy doesn’t deal in. There are many ways the customers can communicate with Galaxy to know about a product. Email, phone, website and social media are a few to name. A variety of payment options are also available to do business with Galaxy. Customers can deposit via online banking, credit cards, easy paisa, western union and even the cash can be collected from customers on delivery.

Currently Galaxy is providing free home delivery service in Karachi and Lahore only. Products can be delivered all over Pakistan via express shipping services like courier, inland bus or detained air cargo. Currently only major cities are being benefited from the services Galaxy is providing because in major cities the computer business is at peak and majority of the customers hail from these cities. Delivery services are fully operational in these cities as well. Galaxy is not only a pioneer and trend setter of web business in Pakistan but they are doing it to a satisfactory level and the range of products they provide to the customers is also a major factor in their business success. The provision of up to date technology and latest software and hardware is the need of time in Pakistan and as the time moves on, it is highly anticipated that Galaxy will grow their business by introducing their services in providing computing solutions to people of smaller cities.

Official Website
Pakistan (92) Land Lines: 021 32430972 32473431
Cellular 0312 ▪ 0322 9246419 0323 9000285
Wireless 021 35455559
Text 0313 3505009

Email orders: [email protected]

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