Mathira hosting “Red” on Channel “Abb Takk”

(Last Updated On: 04/11/2013)

Pakistan media industry’s bold actress, VJ and model Mathira is on a roll these days as she is in the news every now and then. She is getting offers from all around and this time she has been hired by the channel “Abb Takk” as a host for their entertainment show which they titled as “Red”.

Show will be aired on weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday and the timings for the show to go live on air will be 7:30 PST. The show will cover gossips, insight stories from Pakistan film industry aka Lollywood as well as other film industries i.e. Bollywood and Hollywood. Other ingredients of the show include behind the screen stories and gossips related to celebrities and news updates related to their professional lives.

The format of the show will be Mathira commenting on the story then a detailed video will show the viewers about the story and a voice over will continue while the video is still being played.

Mathira as she is quite bold is expected to dress up in short skirts, tops and other western style dresses. This is where Mathira easily beats other models and hosts and after all this is her strong point.

Mathira is known for her boldness and openness in Pakistan media industry, she can dance, she can sing, she knows how to create scandals and stay in the news and now she is in the limelight as she is getting offers from various sources asking her to work with them. She is expected to create controversies every now and then and this is the reason she attracts high viewership to her programs. Not to forget, she is brand ambassador for various fashion designer clothes and other products. In short she has worked in a wide spectrum of roles related to media and she knows how to handle things around her as she has a very strong personality as well.

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