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O levels 2013 Exams Re-scheduled

O levels 2013 Exams Re-scheduled

It’s a bad news for the O-levels strivers in Pakistan that they have to take their Pakistan Studies and Islamaiyat once again. The British Counsel of Pakistan has taken this step as two of these papers were leaked according to its website. They have announced the refreshed schedule due to the clamor made by the students and their parent’s altogether.

Counsel also announced that the incident did not take part in Pakistan.  It is going to investigate about the breach thoroughly. It claimed further that The Paki British Counsel was not a part of this violation.

Pakistani students are now under unending pressure and frustrated at this decision. But the Counsel has assured that they will make sure no affected student’s year is wasted because of these two papers, moreover they will assist in getting them admissions for further studies in the universities and colleges.

The procedure of making examination papers, protecting, sealing and saving them is too difficult and hard that it seemed almost impossible to leak them. They are never made in any other country but in The Great Britain itself and then transported to all other countries in the world; they are always sealed and are only opened in the examination hall. This is quiet shocking for the British Counsel itself and they are closely examining the breach.

They are still searching for the clues and evidences that could unveil the truth. The new examination date is 13th and 14th of this month; however the result date is the same as decided before i.e. 13th of September, 2013. Parents are advised to stay calm as there are so many choices and favored opened-up for the students of O-levels. For example they could also appear in these two papers in the second term always held in October till November while the first examination session begin from May and end in June. Students appearing in the October session are not require to pay fee for extra papers they will be free rather.


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