Pakistan Film Industry Lacks Professionalism Says Humaima Malik

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 30/12/2013)

It really hurts when a person kills the image of the country from where he belongs and this famous Urdu proverb fits Humaima Malik very well and that is “a wise enemy is better than a dumb friend”. Humaima expressed her views about Indian film industry by saying that they are very professionals and she want the same professionalism from Pakistan film industry.

well its very easy to criticize others  but i think she just forgot how much professionalism she has shown in India. She made disturbed the image of Pakistani actors there in India as the director of her movie and Imran Hashmi lead role of that movie were so much frustrated from her unprofessional behaviour. May be she was talking about her self as she wasn’t very professional over there. One should start from him or herself while giving some comment.

Humaima has done just a one movie and still that hasn’t been released in India and she is talking like she has done over 100 movies in Bollywood. Svelte actress should remember that whatever she have, is due to her own film industry and that is Pakistan film industry and shouldn’t comment which disgrace her own industry. There could be an other reason behind this statement and that is publicity act and if this is one of her publicity act than i must say it wasn’t a good one.

Celebrities should pay respect to the fraternity that has made them known all around the world rather to say things against it.Our advise to Humaima Malik is “No matter how bigger you get, you belong to this industry and this industry is your identity and you can’t break relation from this industry so respect it”. No doubt she is a great talent but such comments can be prove to be very negative for her. Lets see how much successful her “professional” movie in India proves to be.

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