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Meera In a Psycho Thriller Movie

Meera In a Psycho Thriller Movie

(Last Updated On: 30/12/2013)

Yes adding fuel to the fire Meera has come up with a Psycho Thriller movie in which she is playing lead role. The name of the movie is “Hotal” which seems to be taken from the word hotel but to give it a local feel the name of movie has been chosen as “Hotal”. The trailer of the movie is out and have created an anxiousness in people to watch the movie.

Meera has done a tremendous job in this movie and the director and producer of the movie are expecting a lot from the movie. Meera have done such Psycho roles in past as well and her work was admired a lot. This is the first indie project that has been taken by Pakistani actress. The director of the movie is Khalid Hassan. By doing this movie Meera becomes the first actress to do an indie project so this honour goes to Meera.

The actress who recently have said good bye to speaking English is also very excited about release of the movie. She is expecting that it will prove to to be a movie which will be at par with other quality oriented movies that are being released nowadays by Pakistani Film Makers.

Well one can expect a psycho thriller movie from Meera as she has thrilled us many times in past by different means like sometimes she thrills us by her English sometimes by her affairs, sometimes by programs in which she is finding herself a husband, sometimes when she joins politics right at time of elections and last time when she decided to leave English language. So expecting a psycho thriller from Meera is not a unusual thing. Meera G fans are waiting for the movie to release soon so that they can watch their favourite actress with a new look.

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