Pakistan’s Top 10 Honeymoon Spots


Honeymoon unarguably one of the most awaited phases of life. It normally is referred to the first month after the couple tie the bond of marriage. The newly wedded couple take off time from other activities like jobs and spend this time with each other in order to get to know each other well. This way they establish a love connection with each other which helps in making this relationship strong and long lasting. During the honeymoon days, couples typically visit beautiful venues to spend their days and nights together there.


Although some couples go to Switzerland, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe or America if they can afford but majority of the people cannot afford to visit foreign countries. They can afford nationwide trips and believe it or not, our country has some very beautiful and attractive destinations for such couples. The natural beauty in these places can beat Europe and America sometimes. In this article top 10 most beautiful and attractive places are mentioned.

1. The valleys of Kaghan and Naran

The valley of Kaghan majorly consists of lush green forests. Hiking and camping can be fun in this area. Naran is situated just 23 Kilometre away from Kaghan and it is equally beautiful. Both valleys are situated in District Mansehra of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.


2. Murree And Galiyat

Murree is a hill station situated in the outskirts of Islamabad. It is situated at a height of 8000 feet from sea level. There are a few spots situated around the area. You can visit Murree and Patriata in a single day then leave for Ayubia in the evening. In the morning visit Nathiagali, Kala Bagh, Abbottabad and drive smooth towards Rawalpindi.

3. Chitral

Although Chitral itself is a wonderfully beautiful valley with very hospitable and friendly people, there are some areas around Chitral which are a must visit for anyone going to Chitral. One of them is Kailaash. In Chitral, you can visit Chitral Fort, Garam Chishma and Chitral Polo Ground. Unspoilt natural greenery is the main feature of this valley.

4. Neelam Valley Muzaffarabad

Although Neelam valley is not alone famous as there are many other spots around the Neelam valley including Kutton, Sudhan Galli, Keran and Sharda but Neelam valley has its own place among these. There are a few motels which make you lot more comfortable as compared to other valleys, as your honeymoon stay is way more comfortable.

5. Sharda Muzaffarabad

This valley is located at a distance of 30 Kilometre from Dowarian. It is situated at an altitude of 1981 metres and have two very famous mountain peaks named Shardi and Nardi.

6. Swat Valley

Swat valley comprises of a variety of visiting spots. Main areas that are very famous and a huge number of visitors from all across the Pakistan visit these areas include Malam Jabba, Marghazar and Kalaam. Recent terrorist activities caused a huge loss in the number of visitors but now that the situation is under Army’s control, Swat valley once again is open for visitors. Beautiful lakes, orchards and rich history make Swat valley a distinct place to visit.

7. Saif al Malook Jheel

This lake is one special place for lovers. The name of this lake is after a Prince whose name was Saif al Malook and he fell in love with a fairy Princess Badri Jamala. Situated at more than 3000 meters altitude above the sea level, this lake is situated in Mansehra near the valley of Naran.

8. Skardu, Hunza & Gilgit

Gilgit is a very important city as the silk route goes through this city and its importance is like the capital of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Hunza and Skardu are located near Gilgit and Rakaposhi Mountain. All these areas are situated near to each other and are connected to each other.

9. Ziarat

It is the capital of Ziarat district which is situated in Balochistan Province. This place is famous for its great climate and weather. When Quaid e Azam was seriously sick in the last days of his life, the doctor advised him to stay at Ziarat. Summer at Ziarat is an ideal time to visit the place.

10. Fairy Meadow, Nanga Parbat Mountain

This place is very beautiful and scenic having lush green forests and full of natural beauty. It is the base camp of the Nanga Parbat Mountains and the view of Nanga Parbat from here is amazingly mesmerizing.

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