Pakistan Technology Hacked by Madleets

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 24/08/2013)

ProPakistani, a web site that is famous for publishing topics that covers latest news and happenings in Pakistan. ProPakistani was very famous for giving latest news about websites being hacked. if one search “ProPakistani hacked” in Google search bar he will see ProPakistani articles about HBL hacked by hackers, ABL website hackedTelenor Tameer Bank, Sindh Government website hacked, MQM website hacked, Soneri Bank website hacked all these articles were wrote by ProPakistani. Today ProPakistani itself have been hacked by hackers who call them “Madleets”. Other websites like hum Tv,  Aaj TV Website, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) WebsiteCentral Bank of Afghanistan WebsitePakistan Army Website was also hacked.

It seems that some cold war was going on between the owner of ProPakistani and the group of hackers as they have left a message for Mr. Amir Atta and that message is written like this:

“Hello Mr. Atta , remember me?  Is there something wrong with our new for you to submit? Pakistani I33t H4xOR w3r3 h3r3. Don’t know much about us? you might wanna do some more research!”

. On top of the page its written hacked by 1337 , Dr.Zombie etc etc. This website was hacked earlier this year as well in the month of February by PakBugs. This website was launched on 5th May 2008 and have became very popular in last five years.

Its more than an hour that this website has been hacked but no statement have came from the owner of the web nor the website has been restored. This hacking seems to be fight between the owner of the website and the hackers as these comments and statements of the hackers have something hidden inside. Lets see when does the website gets restored. The comments of Mr. Amir are also awaited regarding this hacking either it was done for some reason or it just was a group of hackers who hacked his website for fun. Only time will answer these questions for now we wish best of luck to Mr. Amir Atta.

Pro-Pakistani Hacked by Madleets

Pro-Pakistani Hacked by Madleets

Pro-Pakistani Hacked by Madleets

Pro-Pakistani Hacked by Madleets

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