PTCL 3G EVO Tab Review, Specs and Price

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 04/05/2013)


PTCL EVO Tab has the support for 3G and Wi-Fi networks and it is the successor of PTCL’s former 3G Futura Mobile. Apple iPad and a series of Tabs from Samsung and other companies are already very popular in Pakistan. 3G services are limited to PTCL only for the time being and 3G enabled devices are to be used in Pakistan if they are provided by PTCL and no other devices are supported. This new Tab introduced into the market by PTCL supports not only 3G technologies that come with it but it can access 3G network of PTCL in many cities.

The main feature is that you can experience an internet speed of up to 3.1Mbps that is a handy speed for not only browsing but you can download and watch streaming videos as well with that kind of speed. As the platform used in this Tab is Android so a gate to unlimited apps and games is always open. Office suite is also provided with the Tab so you can easily create a new document, edit the current ones or just view them. It can be used as a mobile phone as well. So it is a multi-tasking machine that you want to get your hands on to.


Dual Camera having a 5 mega pixel depth in the rear camera while secondary front camera is a VGA only.

Display is 7 inches, touch screen having a resolution of 800 x 480

Memory consists of 512 MB RAM and ROM is the same, a micro SD card up to 32 GB is supported by the device.

Processor runs at 800 Mhz Qualcomm MSM7627T

Operating system that this device boasts is Android Froyo OS Smartphone version 2.2

Connectivity modes supported includes 3G, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, Bluetooth and USB

Internet can be browsed at a full and real web page and it is not necessary to turn on such settings that you normally use in a mobile

Sensors used is G-Sensor and light Sensor

Battery has a usage life of 7 hours with a mighty 140 hours standby

Size is 199 x 114 x 12 milimeter

Weight is only 429g

Price and Packages

3 months unlimited package comes at PKR 27,999 with 3G device and 3 months unlimited internet access

6 months unlimited package comes at PKR 29,999 with 3G device and 6 months unlimited internet access

12 months unlimited package comes at PKR 31,999 with 3G device and 12 months unlimited internet access

Once the initial packages expire, standard charges will apply on the usage of internet data.

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  • Please don't bye i was too disappointed when i buy it, it does not playing the even 480p video while they are claiming its play HD video, it does not connect to computer i tried almost every thing but in vain, its touch is not properly working wile playing subway surfers, many common feature are even not present in this tab. i just regretting the moment why i but it.

  • Dear all
    I would like to inform for the well being of all that 3 G Evo Tablet is sold by PTCL, originally procured from China through a firm Mega Plus of Isd. My candid opinion regarding this product is:
    a. It is not worth the price that u pay.
    b. It is very delicate in handling and minor mishandling would render it faulty.
    c. It has many complications and to rectify them, u have to run after the PTCL Dept. Dept individuals most of the time would give u shocking responses. They would refer u to Mega Plus which is located at Isd. At the cost of time, effort & fuel even if u manage to reach there, they would respond in typically Pakistani culture that it is beyond the scope of warranty etc etc and put u in long technical stories thereby convincing u either to throw away or leave it as a bad job. If u oversmart them, they are likely refer u to yet a private vendor. (Vendor will provide u repair facility at ur cost and responsibilities) PTCL nor Mega Plus have any interest in custom loyalty by giving post maintenance facilities.
    d. Its touch and 3 G is lukewarm even at place like Rwp / Isd. The fate in rest of areas could be estimated well by all.
    e. Once launched initially, probably it was beyond 30,000/- then brought to 24,000/- and as of now is being sold at the cost of 14500/-. So imagine the poor quality that PTCL is offering to customers. Even at prevailing rates it is not worth keeping and is not making any place in market.
    Kind regards.

  • today i purchase ptcl 3g evo but unlikly i advice all peoples think about purchase never think to purchase because tablet is faulty and ptcl not support is not good

  • Whether evo tab is better than A-700 Qmobile in following categories;
    *Camera & video calling via skype
    Thanks in advance for the response.
    Atta ul haq

    • i want to sale my evo tab . 9 manth wranty .total accasry ..untuch. My dimand .15000.

  • And on the ptcl website mentioned OS is told ICS while here is something else which is actual?

  • what is the actual price and how it reacts with skype?? Is it reliable for video calling??please reply and what is better Q mobiles or Evo tab??

    • TAB ki spefication diffrent hain is liey un ki price diffrent hai 28,000 ka b hai or 18,000 ka b or 18,000 wala ab 14,500 ma mil raha hai aaj he new offer aaai hai…

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