Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Denied 2nd Marriage Rumors

Its a very old policy of Indian media to create controversies against all the stars of Pakistan who go to India and conquer their people. There are many examples of our stars who have gone to India and got very famous there and after that some controversies against those Pakistani stars started. Its now the turn of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who made millions of fans out there in India due to his magical voice and great classical skills.

It has been reported in Indian media and that Rahat Fateh the man with magical voice married an Indian model. The model herself also claimed that Rahat married her. Its not new thing from the Indian media as they are experts in creating things like that. Adnan Sami is another example whom fame couldn’t be digested by Indian media and the goverment of India asked him to leave country in a week.

Coming back to Rahat’s case, Rahat came on Pakistani media and clearly denied all the rumors of his 2nd marriage and said that its the publicity act by the model and a propaganda of Indian media to defame him. He said that the Indian super stars are afraid of his new album and are trying to somehow create something against him so that his album doesn’t get that success which it deserves. Our singers has litteraly rocked India Rahat, Adnan Sami Atif Aslam, Shafqat Amanat Ali are top of the list celebrities who got out there and gathered a lot of fame and earned some good bussiness. Well our advise to Rahat is to remain calm as such rumors don’t affect the hard work that one has done.

Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.

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