Samsung Galaxy S4 Features and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs

Well, we all know that Samsung is working on the latest technology work which is going to release is still not confirmed or we can say that it is under a month away. The company didn’t want to show out the exact date for its new technology work to memorize its fans with the latest and upgraded Smartphone latest features and streamers. Well, a source told about some leaked images and features which were not fully confirmed. It is considered a single device which will take on Apple’s products and prior Samsung Galaxy products.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked Features

Well, is contrasted by the comparison of the number of phone predecessors and the leaked rumors imagined that the upcoming Galaxy’s Smartphone is joining us with Amoled Full HD touch screen display with better resolution as compare to other Smartphones. LED flash camera with 13-megapixals and 4128 x 3096 pixels are considered as the two of the most viewed as focus rumors about the upcoming device of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Well, the upcoming device support a full HD 4.99-inch display which is going to be the perfect one for its fans and followers. Samsung Galaxy S 4 will available in two colors as compared to the prior device will the suggested colors are black and white. Samsung Galaxy S 4 has three external storage points which are as 16, 32, and 64 GB. It will also come up with WiFi as support which is the perfect thing to do for all the professional peoples.

Well, its fans are heartily waiting for the device to come into their hands as the prior device of the Samsung like Samung Galaxy S 3 which was the most viewed and well sailed Smartphone over the cyber world. Well the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is going to be the interesting Smartphone because of its features and specifications.

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