Sohai Ali Abro Pakistani Model & Actress

(Last Updated On: 07/06/2013)

The unique named model-cum-actress-cum dancer, Sohai Ali Abro, belongs to the younger lot of Pakistan industry. She just began from the year 2012 and now it is her second successful year in the industry. 20 years Sohai has a bright future ahead as per her performances predict. She got critical acclamation in her recent telefilm “Anjuman” against Imran Abbas Naqvi and sizzling Sara Lorean and Geo TV drama “Saat Pardon Main.” Abro’s recent HUM TV play “Tanhai” is also getting popular day by day.
Sohai hails from a noble family of Lahore but resides now at Karachi because of her profession. She is the ex-girl friend of Fawad Khan but they broke up after the guy’s marriage to somebody else. Ms Abro began as a model and did really well in commercials. Later on, she was given a major role in “Saat Pardon Main” as Darakhshanday Badar. She did really well in this role and after the success of this serial many producers approached her.

Then she proved herself to be a skillful dancer after appearing in ARY Digital TV Show “Naach.” Her dance is still saved on YouTube and other Internet Sites for the viewers to enjoy. “Rangraiz Meray” was her next project. It was her first telefilm that aired on HUM TV last year. Seeing her brilliant performance in it Yasir Nawaz decided to cast her in his “Anjuman” against Sara and Imran. This time she appeared on screen for a short while as she was in a supporting yet strong role called “Shagufta”. Critics supported her for this role once again.
Now let us talk about her recent television serial, “Tanhai” from HUM TV. She is again in a leading role against the great Gohar Mumtaz. She is Jahanara Akber in the play, the second wife of the protagonist.
Her new serial,”Kyon Hai Tu” has just started from GEO KAHANI. It seems to contain a sad narration of a woman. Let us wait and watch what comes out of it soon.
The pleasant-faced Sohai is growing mature day by day. Her latest serials are evident that she is learing a lot from her experiences and thus she has a glittering, sparkling and lush future in the Pakistan Entertainment Industry.

Sohai Ali Abro Pakistani Model & Actress:

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