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Tanhai Hum TV Drama Serial

Tanhai Hum TV Drama Serial

Tanhai means Loneliness. It is devastating for them who suffer from it. Sarwat Nazeer has weaved a great story with this name, in which she portrays Jiya, a lone woman’s sorrowful narration.
It is a hit drama by far-famed channel HUM TV. It is a proud presentation of Syed Afzal Ali and Momina Duraid; both are experienced producers and are names that assure success. Similarly, Fahim Burny, the director of Tanhai is also a victorious director. Major players of Tanhia are, Ayesha Omar, Sohai Ali, Afzal Rehman, Gohar Mumtaz and Saba Hameed.
Its theme is very interesting for all the drama-lovers, sad, tragic, romantic and domestic. Women all around the world like such dramas in which fact and fiction go hand in hand. Tanhai is also not a serial totally depicting lovers living in the heavenly world; rather it portrays a lifelike story of a family in which a wife betrays her husband for someone else.

Tanhai is a story of a family, Faaiz and Aarzoo and their two cute kids. Faaiz loves his spouse and tries to keep her happy whereas Aarzoo detests him. She does not want to stay with him either. Her affection and indulgence is with another man. After living a life of conflict and mental trauma with Faaiz, Aarzoo decides to leave him and their children for the sake of her relation with another guy.
Faiz is lost and devastated. But his mother persuades him to remarry for the betterment of his children.  He agrees to it and espouses a bourgeois girl, Gia. But he is not happy; his aim is only to comfort his family. He tells this clearly to Gia, whose mother has no idea about his first marriage. Gia is totally in awe and helpless in this state where she has to win not only her husband’s heart but also the hearts of her ready-made step children. Moreover, she even has to fight back the conspiracies of her concubine.
Will she be able to handle all these challenges? Will she be able to survive in such hard circumstances? Will she suffer from “TANHAI” forever? Or things will change with time?
To see this, watch “Tanhai “Hum TV every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM.

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