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Zong Flutter Offer Umrah Bundle for ''Mothers Day''

Zong Flutter Offer Umrah Bundle for ”Mothers Day”

God could not be everywhere therefore he made “Mother”. This beautiful Jewish proverb is very true in its meaning because after God there is mother who is the most caring and loving towards her children.

The affection they show is selfless since they do not ask or want anything else in reward. But it’s a child’s duty to his mother to keep loving her and show his gratitude towards her. “Mothers Day” is a celebration day like that. It aims to honor our mothers to the fullest on that day. Flutter is well aware of this fact so it offers to enjoy this day with them. Flutter by Zong, provides the opportunity to their users to show love and thankfullness to the mothers of Pakistan by taking them on Umrah or enjoy free gifts after using free flutter bundles for a week. It is a simple and exciting proposal and does not demand a lenghty process.

Simply buy a new sim for your dear mother on her National Identity Card, then send her mobile number to 3232 and get ready for your holy journey to Makkah with her. This is the best Flutter could do on the upcoming Mothers Day. It shows a that Flutter truly cares for its subscribers happiness.

Mothers Day is an international celebration day for everyone on earth. Different countries observe this day differently for example, in Panama Mothers day is celebrted on 8th december; while in Russia it is celebrated along with “Women’s Day” i.e. on 8th March. While in Pakistan, this event is celebrated in the second week of May with full zeal and zest. People give presents and cards to their beloved mothers. Newspapers and tabloids release special editions and television screens are decked with programes in the honor of darling Mothers. People who have lost their mothers pray for them. Youngsters write articles to comemorate the lives of their mothers.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The campaign will start from 1st May, 2013 and will end on 11th May, 2013
  • As soon as Party A sends Party B’s MSISDN on the short code, the Party B’s package will be changed to Flutter with 7 days free Flutter Bundle Offer.
  • The following message will be sent to Party B right after Package Change:
  • In case if Party B doesn’t respond to the SMS in 4 hours, the Package Change will be confirmed
  • The Package Change will not cost the customer anything whereas one time Bundle Charged will apply @ Rs. 6+tax
  • The Bundle Subscription will include 7 days free Flutter Bundle experience
  • Once the 7 days are over, the customer will be charged on daily basis for Flutter Bundle @ Rs. 6+tax unless unsubscribed from the Bundle
  • To participate in the Lucky Draw:

Party A must refer the Party B number on the short code
Party B must activate the new SIM under a female’s CNIC
Party B must be on Flutter

  • This offer is only valid for new activations:

The Party A may be an existing user
The Party B must be a new user (new activations from 1st May, 2013 onwards will be legible for the Lucky Draw)

  • There will be only 1 Prize for this campaign: Umrah Package for 2

Party A & Party B

  • The winners will be contacted by Call Center agent mentioning the complete details of the prize and way forward

Maximum 3 times calls will be made to the winner
In case of no response a new winner will be declared

  • Next to KIN cannot claim for the prize; winner’s availability to receive the prize is mandatory
  • A deed of HO/TO will be signed between the two parties i.e. CMPak and Winner while giving away the prize to customer
  • 20% tax of the total prize amount will be charged to the customer prior to handing over the prize
  • CMPak holds the decision in winners selection and final results
  • CMPak holds the authority to change/terminate the offer upon its own discretion at any point of time
  • Employees and their direct relations are not legible for participating in this campaign

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