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Wasim Akram’s New Look For Publicity of His New Men Saloon

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 22/07/2013)

In modern era you can’t get your product successful unless you work hard on its publicity. Marketing department is very essential part of every organization. One have to take measures to attract people towards your product or service for that the most common way is hire celebrities for your product. People follow celebrities a lot and that’s why they are hired by companies as ambassadors of their companies. Recently Wasim Akram adopted new look for the publicity of his new saloon. Wasim in this way is very lucky because don’t have to pay any celebrity for promotion of his product.

He himself is enough for the publicity of the product not only because of his cricketing background but also of his fascinating personality. The new fiancé of the fast bowler was also present during the photoshoot and was very excited about Akrams new look. Akram adopted style of Royal English men. Akram was looking great with big mustaches and beard.
Famous hair stylist Nabila was the one who gave this unique look to Akram and he got successful in that and got praised by everybody by her great work. Wasim Akram new saloon has been opened in Clifton area of Karachi. Akram saloon got famous in many actors. The Saloon is named as N-Gents.

Address of Waseem Akram’s new saloon:
The detail address of Akram’s new saloon are as under:

  • F/50, E Street, Block#4 Clifton Karachi Pakistan
  • saloon can be contacted on its universal number 0303-333-1883.

Lets see how much successful the saloon of the fast bowler gets after the publicity act of Mr. Wasim Akram and lets see how much lucky is his new fiancé for him. We wish the fast bowler best of luck.

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