Yoga for Curing Different Diseases

YOGA is a type of exercise and its beneficial kind of exercise, it includes poses for different body parts. It provides health benefits persons of all ages to build the body in real words it strengthens the muscles and bones strong, it offers flexibility and balance to all body. Researchers have found that yoga exercise proves to be very help full in releasing tension, stress and worries as well as fatigue and pain. Some specific yoga poses increases the body strength and balance which reduces the risk of injuries. Its such a form of exercise that helps the elders feels younger.
It comes to know that yoga decreases the risks of many life-threatening diseases such as heart attack it keeps the muscles of heart healthy and strong and relaxed. When someone starts exercise he feels it tough but later on by continuous practice all body becomes flexible for all kinds of bends during exercise, a good and certified yoga instructor can assist you in attaining these poses. Yoga increases he overall quality of life. In advanced countries doctors’ advice, the patients do yoga exercise as a medicine and are for therapeutic purposes. It is found that yoga is sixth most commonly used therapeutic in advanced countries. It was first introduced in mid-19 century and since is used as a therapy for conditions such as cancer, asthma, AIDS, diabetes etc.  In western countries yoga is going as supplementary condition.

Yoga has many different kinds and styles that people are adopting for different reasons. One of its main goals is to improve overall well being trough teaching disciplines and self-regulation. Recent research has found the positive effects of yoga on psychology. Yoga has found a wonderful extent in curing psycho patients. Yoga offers different and multiple benefits for people ranging from consciousness of one’s body and capabilities. It is helpful in providing satisfaction and wellness to all body parts, decreases mental confusions and increases concentrations of different things. Now days yoga is practiced as both medication and exercise however in advance countries it is preferred as a practice.

Hatha yoga is a form of yoga that offers many physical benefits to individuals. It is helpful for psychological patients and in releasing their depressions. Yoga provides relaxation to all body parts and is helpful in curing muscle pains and bone pains and other disorders .Yoga has proven to be beneficial in reducing anxiety and other mental disorders, it is found that it is helpful in reducing the levels of depressions significantly and other mental problems.
It has a substantial effect on the moods of persons and in their behavior with others. Yoga has proven helpful in reducing back pain as it causes some specific poses that are reducing the pain, it is helpful in reducing lower back pain. Yoga increases the measures of life in cancer patients also by relaxing them psychologically and physically as well. Relaxing and breathing techniques in yoga helps the cancer patients that they can manage their pain, depression, anxiety, Insomnia and fatigue. Yoga is also proved to be beneficial in patients with dementia (a severe psychological disorder) it is also found helpful in the treatment of epilepsy, hernias, menopause, and stress and in injuries.


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