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Pop Singer Alamgir to Go Through Kidney Transplant

Pop Singer Alamgir to Go Through Kidney Transplant

One of the very first pop singers of Pakistan Alamgir have gone back to Atlanta(America) after 6 month stay in Pakistan. The pop singer was invited by his close friends for fund raising shows regarding his kidney transplant. Well that didn’t happen as he waited for 6 months for those show to be organized but not even one show was organized in this tenure. Alamgir has left Pakistan very disappointed because he didn’t get what he expected from his homeland.

The great singer has done a lot of music for Pakistan, he released many music albums in Pakistan. The great pop singer is living in Atlanta with his wife and son nowadays. His son’s name is Auragnzaib, who recently completed his studies and got job in local bank as well. That’s good news for the rock star of 80’s. Its all about time in 80’s people would have loved to organize concerts for him but today not even a single concert couldn’t be organized.

This really is painful, we forget our hero’s, those hero’s who made us smile, those hero’s who entertained us but as a return they get nothing neither form public nor from government. In past few years we have seen many actors and great artists suffering from critical diseases but neither government nor public paid any attention to them.

Examples of such artists are Mastana, Babu Babral and Lehri. All of them died. No doubt life is in hands of the Almighty Allah but at least one have to show some love and respect to their hero’s. Alamgir didn’t said a word about his disappointment and said that those who promised to organize fund raising shows would have their own problems that’s why they couldn’t organize it. The kidney transplant of the singer will be done upon the availability of kidney donor. Lets hope and pray for legend Alamgir gets well soon.

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  2. Mr Alamgir is an iconic star in the whole of asia n the world this mans advise shud be taken by the young generation in music and the worlds wisdom. Mr ALAMGIR is Elvis n Micheal Jackson both were world icons n this man is both in one. We love u Mr Alamgir and wish you well and best of health.

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