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Young Girl Damini Brutally Raped in Delhi, Intestines Removed

(Last Updated On: 10/01/2013)

Young Girl named Damini Brutally Gang Raped by 5 men in India, Intestines Removed and Girl eventually died.

  Damini Rape victimA few days before Christmas, a brutal gang rape case happened in Delhi, in which a 23-year old student was raped using an L-shaped, rusty rod and had her intestines removed. The victim was left half-dead, and was taken to the hospital in a very critical condition. She was then transferred to Singapore. However, on December 29, she died of brain damage and gastrointestinal injuries. The case triggered public protests in India and generated international coverage. The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women condemned the incident, calling the Delhi government to do everything it can for radical reforms and ensure that women’s lives are secure and safe. In Delhi, a mob of protesters clashed with the security forces while similar protests took place in cities throughout the country.

A Dangerous Unauthorized Public Bus

On December 16, 2012, at about 9pm, a female and her male friend boarded a bus, thinking it was a public transport. In the bus were the driver and five men. The male then doubted when the bus took a different road and the men locked the doors. They then attacked him and gang raped the female at the back of the bus, while it was still running. The worse is, a gang member  inserted a rusty, L-shaped rod – a type used as wheel jack handles, into the female and ripped her intestines.  The two were then thrown from the bus – half-naked and unconscious. A passerby spotted them on the road and brought them to the hospital where the female especially, received treatment. Unfortunately, she did not survive and died on December 29.

The Suspects

The suspects – the driver and the five men are already arrested, awaiting trial. The public clamored for the victims’ justice and wanted the suspects to receive maximum punishment for their heinous crime.

To comply with the Indian law where victims’ real names are not disclosed, the female victim is called using pseudo names like Damini, thus, the headlines do talk about Damini Rape Case.

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