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Zara Sheikh Have No Time For Affairs

Zara Sheikh Have No Time For Affairs

(Last Updated On: 30/12/2013)

Well the craze of publicity acts have spread like virus in almost all those celebrities who are struggling or finding it difficult to make a come back in showbiz. Well all such artists should thank Veena Malik for showing them how to remain alive in news and media. Nowadays Matheira have also figured out how to be part of news.

Looking at Veena and Mathira Zara Sheikh also thought to come up with something that should take her back in news and in this regard in an interview Zara came up with a comment upon which everybody is thinking that why she said such thing. The comment came in answer to a question asked by journalist and the question was about her romance, Zara came up with answer that”I don’t have time for affairs”. This answer really shocked everybody because she nowadays don’t have any work she isn’t a part of any upcoming drama or movie.

Its been long time since she was last scene in a movie or drama. The answer didn’t made any sense but after this answer she really make her way back to news. Her comment regarding romantic involvement came in newspapers and was also seen in news slide right at bottom of every news channel. Well i think Zara got what she wanted from this comment. It was a good try by beautiful Zara but she needs to take some more lessons from her collegue Veena as she is master of this art. Veena knows very well where to strike and what to say.

One really have to admire how she made her marriage news so attractive as she first said she don’t have any plans to get married till 2015 then she came up with comment whenever she will be getting married she will invite  Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif and General Pervaiz Musharraf and then she suddenly got married that took everyone by shock so Zara Sheikh first make some base for the publicity act and then start working on that. We wish Zara Best of luck.


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