Badar Khalil Upset with Attitude of Fawad khan

(Last Updated On: 19/07/2014)

It is really a shocking news that a Badar Khalil drama experienced talented and most senior actress left showbiz recently unwillingly. She was so sad due to the attitude of the owners of the channel and production. While taking an interview she exposed the Fawad khan  the most popular actor has misbehaved with her in HUM TV Awards 2014. She further sheared her experience in this field and said that. Her life was not a tranquil in a TV industry. When her husband passed away than she join Television industry .She spend more than 40 years of her life in a Television industry. She further added and said the she should be respected as she was most seniority and r for her the contribution to TV industry.

It was really disappointed moment for Badar Khalil during the ceremony of HUM TV Awards 2014. She was sitting right next to Sultana Apa and Fawad Khan came and asked to Madam Sultana to come and sit beside her or otherwise he will leave the HUM TV award ceremony. It was embarrassing as sultana was one of the very close friend of her.She was disappointed to the drama industry and decided not to work more in the field now she finally has left drama industry.

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