Mobilink Introduce Biometric Verification

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(Last Updated On: 31/08/2014)
Mobilink Introduce Biometric Verification

Mobilink Introduce Bio metric Verification

You have to be smart if you have to attract more people or users to your cellular network that’s why nowadays cellular networks in our country are coming up with something new, fresh and  attractive. Cellular networks are inserting technology to their networks to get event slightest of edge over their competitors. Mobilink claims to be Pakistan’s leading provider of voice and data services, and also claims that it is bringing more people together through service excellence and product innovation.

To prove their point of product innovation it has come with biometric verification. Well what they have done is, that from now on every customer who wants to buy a new SIM will get it after biometric verification which means he will have to give his thumb impression to get SIM. In this way no one will be able to get SIMS on someone else behalf.

The way to get new SIM is:

  • First of all you have to visit any Mobilink Customer Care Center, Franchise or Retail Outlet and don’t forget to take your original CNIC.
  • The Mobilink’s Representative at Franchise ,Retailer  will first of all  check that either you can get a new number or not because as per PTA rules a person can’t have more than 5 SIMS to his name, number of SIMs issued against that CNIC, if any CNIC has 5 SIMs already issued, no further action can be taken. (Customers can check the number of registered SIMs against his/her CNIC by sending 13 digits CNIC number to 668).
  • If the provided CNIC does not have 5 SIMs issued against it, the details would be entered into the system and you will be asked to put your thumb on the biometric machine. Your thumb print will then be verified by the system, through NADRA.
  • After the verification the customer would be provided with an activated SIM


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    dear me is waqt qatar me job ker raha ho aur meri sim meray pass yaha qatar me hy jo k international roaming me chal rahi hy jo k meray name per hi registerd hy.
    me apni is sim ko kaisy biometric kerwa skta ho?
    plz help me

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