Annie Khalid Controversial Tweet on Twitter

Annie Khalid whose birth name is Noor-ul-Ain, was born in Lahore on 27th of March 1987. She is an English-Pakistani and she got her fame from the song “Mahiya”. She was called Princess of Pop for this song as this was a major hit. Even this song was featured in Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt’s movie Awarapan.

She was married to Malik Noured Awan in September, 2012. During a morning show with Maya Khan, in December, 2012 Annie broke the news that her wedded life was full of brutal punishment and torture by her husband. The punishment included murgha position. She said that her husband used to force her to be in murgha position and he did it twice to her. This news spread like wildfire on the social media. She further told that she managed to escape her husband’s house and fled to London. According to her she has been getting warnings from her husband not to enter Pakistan.

In his defence Malik Noured Awan said that she has stolen a lot of money and jewellery and has run away and she is not coming back. In addition he denied all the accusations of torturing her.

Yesterday, Annie posted the following tweet on her Twitter account. You can check her official Twitter page on the following link.

Annie Khalid Official Twitter

  Annie Khalid Tweet

She seems frustrated and pissed over all the fans who might be making fun of her by asking that did her husband really made her a murgha. But there could be another view on this. This might be a publicity stunt by her. We have seen drama queen Veena Malik doing such things every now and then and Veena gets a lot of attention from the media circles.

Whatever the case is, this really is not a good way to express her feelings, as fame brings responsibilities. There are a lot of fans who check out her Twitter every now and then. These fans include many minors as well and it is not healthy statement she has made there.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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  • Harry on 11/09/2015

    is it was Muslims are supposed to do to females especially their wives?

    Wives are called Begums – which means that a woman now a wife is an entity who shares her husband's
    woes and sorrow and bring back happiness to him. Begum is a Stress Quencher to her husband

    Here she is abused and molested and finally threatened
    Shame to you Pakistan and the Muslim male dominated world

  • Billy X on 01/05/2013

    what in the hell that supposed to mean?


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