Veena Malik Made it to Headline Once Again via Anti-India Tweet

Controversy queen Veena Malik once again made it to headlines with an anti-Indian tweet on her twitter account.

First tweet of Veena Malik was related to a German female student. She was allegedly molested by rickshaw drivers in suburbs of South Delhi in the area of Lajpat Nagar. That was not it but the controversy queen further issued another tweet stating India Sxxx….!!!

Veena Malik Anti-Indian Tweet 1

This stirred a buzz in the social media immediately and most of the commenters termed it as a stunt to attract public attention.

Veena Malik has been keeping her distance from media after she got married to Asad who is a Dubai based businessman. Not very long time ago, she was working in different Bollywood films and during those times she was spotted praising India and its film industry.

After the marriage she became religious and announced that she is not going to work in commercial film industry but will keep working in such movies that try to deliver social or religious message to the masses.

It was further clarified via a statement while she was performing Umrah in Makkah that she will no longer appear in masala films.

Veena Malik has been quoted as

As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, I will continue to engage in any project which aims for welfare or social development. But I will not be a part of any new films from here on

Well-wishers from all over the globe, whether east or west, India or Pakistan, have been congratulating and blessing us with their prayers

It is quite notable that every now and then she tends to issue a statement or do something that attracts the media attention and even after she is married, this psychological thing is still attached to her and she attempts to make it to the news every now and then.

Alison Johnson
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