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Babbu Baral a Legend Comedian

Babu Baral was a Pakistani stage actor and comedian. His real name was Ayub Akhtar. He was born on 1964 in Ghakhar Mandi is a town in the Gujranwala District of Pakistan.

Babu Baral began his career as a stage stage comedian from Gujranwala in 1982.Babu Baral was a Pakistani male television and stage actors.Babu Baral done in lots of stage dramas.

Babu Baral extremely well-known on stage .He performed in Punjabi stage shows in various areas of Punjab .Also, he done in very few Punjabi films .

Babu BaralHis popular movie are Kurian Shehr dian, Shartia mithey, No Paisa No Problem . Shartiya Mithay is his one of the most well-known stage dramas.Babu Baral is really a versatile actor .King of Punjabi stage shows .He proved her acting ability in every field of acting .

Babu Baral extremely popular comedian of Lahore theater. Babu Baral a fan base in Pakistan and all around the world. He was a mimicry specialist and could very easily sing in famous singers’ voices.

Babu Baral had been suffering from cancer, hepatitis and also kidney disease, and was being treated at a private medical center in Lahore.

Babu Baral passed away at the age of Forty seven, He left behind 2 widows 4 kids, 2 girl, and 2 boy. Babu Baral had done numerous stage dramas which generally made him a sign of comedy.Babu Baral passed away on 16 April,20’11 in Shareef Hospital in Lahore.

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