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Bilal Ashraf, Ali Azmat, Babra Sharif and Urwa Hocane to make ‘Two + Two’ film a mighty sucess

(Last Updated On: 19/10/2015)

Pakistani cinema is on its way to regain its lost status and it seems that after getting a breakthrough our cinema is withing top-speed, heading towards new milestones. If we look at previous to current years Pakistan cinema performance it is even far better than it. The same way with every passing year our cinema is exploring new heights.

The cat is out of the bag?

Yeah another film starring Bilal Ashraf is all set to hit the screens 14th February, 2016. Wow! ’14th Feb’ is celebrated as Valentine by the love birds and coming year it will be more entertaining with star studded action-comedy film.


Two + Two constitutes Ali Azmat, Urwa Hocane, Babra Sharif and the most wanted guy of Pakistani film industry, Bilal Ashraf. The film was earlier named Jhol and was having Iman Ali, which was lately replaced by Urwa Hocane.

Whats special about Pakistan Cinema?

The most positive point coming out of our films is that every forthcoming film is different in terms of story-line and most importantly youth and newbies are also getting equal chances to showcase their skills.

Whats special in this film?

The film is up with, what the makers call anti-item song and is marking return of renowned actress Babra Sharif after a long hiatus. Her last film was Ghayal (1997). This film is complete blend of experience with the youth, as Babra Sharif and Mustafa Qureshi are some actors with mammoth experience and Bilal Ashraf and Urwa are new to the film industry. The film will be having  remix of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s track, for sure that would be working like an icing on the cake.


Release date

14th February 2016

Produced by Epiction Films Hamza Ansari and Hassaan Azher
Director: Shahid Shafaat

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