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Coke Studio Season 8 to start from 16 August

(Last Updated On: 07/08/2015)

The 8th Season of the Coke Studio that is regarded as the one of the best Pakistani music television series is starting from August 16 of the running year. It focuses on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan that mainly includes: classical, folk, qawwali, sufi, bhangra, hip-hop, rock and pop music of various genres, regions and languages to collaborate musically in the live studio recording sessions.

After the launch of the first season, Coke Studio has become an International franchise now. Following the success of Coke Studio in Pakistan, it also has been launched in India and Middle East by the name of Coke Studio India and Coke Studio Bel 3arabi respectively.


The month of August every year stimulates each and every nationalist to recall the red-letter day when our ancestors made history in getting a separate land Pakistan. As it becomes a priority for print as well as electronic media to give a maximum coverage to the stuff comprising of elements related to Independence Day, all the artist plan to come with unique work.

This time, it is much awaited and highly anticipated Coke Studio’s time that has released a teaser for its upcoming Season 8 starting from 16th August 2015.

The aspect that makes this teaser special is that it highlights all the singers across the country who will be showing their art in the upcoming season. The 2 minute teaser shows the singers paying homage to Sohail Rana & Masroor Anwar by singing the famous ‘Sohni Dharti’.


Here is the list of performers released earlier:

  1. Farida Khanum
  2. Ali Azmat
  3. Ali Haider
  4. Ali Sethi
  5. Ali Zafar
  6. Alycia Dias
  7. Arif Lohar
  8. Asim Azhar
  9. Atif Aslam
  10. Bakshi Brothers
  11. Fizza Javed
  12. Gul Panrra
  13. Kaavish
  14. Karam Abbas
  15. Mai Dhai
  16. Malang Party
  17. Mekaal Hassan Band
  18. Mulazim Hussain
  19. Nabeel Shaukat
  20. Nafees Ahmed
  21. Quratulain Balouch
  22. Rizwan & Muazam
  23. Samra Khan,
  24. Sara Haider
  25. Sara Raza
  26. Shazia Manzoor
  27. Siege
  28. Surriya Khanum
  29. Umair Jaswal
  30. Ustad Hamid Ali Khan
  31. Anwar Maqsood.

Coke Studio Season 8 Promo (Video):

Sohni Dharti by Coke Studio Artists


CokeStudio Season 8 Promo from Coke Studio on Vimeo.

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