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Daewoo is only the first bus services that provide international standard service in Pakistan. It is operating in all over the Punjab, Sindh & K.P.K and also in few cities of Balochistan.

Daewoo service is available in more than 40 cities and more than 600,000 passengers travel in every month. Daewoo has its many bus terminal in main cities of Pakistan as in Karachi, Lahore Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Multan.

 Daewoo Contact number:

111 007 008

The best way think to about Daewoo bus services is that it provides the service of ticket booking. Now it became easy for passenger to book tickets without traveling many miles only for the sake of a single ticket. Specially the people those live in villages.

Buy Pre-Booked Ticket on Daewoo Express

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Procedure of ticket booking is very simple. Just to call to the 111-007-008 help line. Your basic information will be required as your name, your mobile number, bus timings, departures, arrival and finally travel date.
This service is free of cost. It does not have any charge. You can book your tickets from anywhere in Pakistan through a single telephonic or mobile call.


 Daewoo  Schedules
Daewoo Fares List

As Daewoo is operating all over the Pakistan. Because of the great service people are not only availing the comfortable bus service but also it has opened the door of opportunity. That is really real success of the company and many people get jobs and working under this company.

There are some simple conditions for applying for the job. Specific job criteria and conditions are available on a website or you can directly visit office or make a call to them.

For any further information about Reservation, Routes, Timings, Schedule, Contact number and cargo service, you can visit their official website that is Everyone can use this service because it is not expensive. Even a common citizen of Pakistan can easily afford it.

Daewoo Bus Service Terms and Conditions
Tickets are neither refundable nor transferable.

Ticket price includes service charges. Full fare will be charged for children aged 4 years and above.

Lugage upto 30 KGs is allowed per ticket. Excess luggage shall be charged as per company policy.


Passengers are requested:-

To count/check cash before leaving the counter.

To check their luggage before leaving the lounge.
To get luggage tags for all luggage loaded in luggage compartment of bus.

To report at the terminal office if a bus is missed and a seat in the next scheduled bus is required. Cancellation charges of 30% shall be applied.

To carefully read the instructions displayed in the terminals/stopovers. Copy of the same can be obtained from ticketing counters, if needed.

Any alteration in departure date and/or time, or cancellation of advance ticket shall be made on payment/deduction of 30% cancellation charges.

The following are rules must be followed:-

  • No pets/animals/birds are allowed to be taken along on-board the bus.
  • Passenger cannot leave the bus once he/she has boarded it.
  • Passengers must not run after the bus once its door is closed and it has moved for departure.
  • No eatables and/or drinks are allowed to be taken inside the bus.
Company shall not be responsible for any loss / damage to hand luggage.
No precious / valuable items should be carried in luggage to be booked in luggage compartment. Company shall not be responsible in any way in case of any loss. Compensation shall only be provided in terms of weight only instead of value as per company policy.
Bus will depart strictly as per scheduled departure time and will stop only at company’s designated stopover(s).
The liability of the company shall be limited in terms of its insurance policy in case of any accident.
In case of bus breakdown, passengers will be shifted to the next enroute bus or replacement bu and compensation shall be paid as per company policy.
In the event of an accident and/or tragic incident, the company shall not be responsible for any loss of money / jewelry / precious items etc.
For complaint / suggestion / information please contact our call center UAN # 111-007-008 or send an email to [email protected] or visit our website at

In case of force majeure, the company shall not be responsible for any delay / cancellation in departure / arrival of bus(es). No claims / damages shall be applicable in such cases.





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