Download Facebook.jar for Every Phone

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world that was launched in 2004. It is a web-based social networking platform that is, however, no available for other operating systems as well. Most of the users like to use Facebook from their mobiles. But till now, smartphone users are enjoying the services of Facebook from their mobiles as the Facebook is available in the shape of a mobile application for most of the smartphone operating systems. But the Java based and Symbian mobiles users are also looking for a jar version of Facebook to enjoy the Facebook from their mobiles as well.

Download Facebook.jar from here

This Facebook.jar is for almost every phone. Now install the Facebook.jar in your mobiles and enjoy all features of Facebook that are open for other users as well. After installing the Facebook.jar, the user can enjoy the features and functions of live chat, status update, commenting, photo & video sharing, making friends, news feed, joining groups & pages and much more. All advance features that are the part of the Facebook are also available in the shape of Facebook.jar. However, some of the features of Facebook are according to the specific region, although the basic functions and features are available for all. So, if there are any restriction on the using of any specific features of Facebook in your country then the same policy will be applicable in the Facebook.jar as well.

Now the world is gradually changing the mode of communication and conversation. So, if you are unable to arrange a smartphone then don’t worry you can download the Facebook.jar and can enjoy the all features of Facebook that are available for web and smartphone users.

Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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